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16:9/4:3 Switchable Camcorder (Discontinued)



  • Superb picture and sound quality of Digital BETACAM format

  • 12-bit A/D converter *High performance ADSP (Advanced Digital Signal Processing) camcorder

  • Combines digital signal processing camera circuitry with 2/3-inch type 16:9/4:3 widescreen Power HAD 1000 IT CCD (each with 620,000 picture elements)

  • 40 minutes of recording time on S-cassette

  • Multi Matrix function for color correction

  • Turbo Gain function

  • Auto Tracing White Balance (ATW) capability

  • TruEye Process for faithful color reproduction

  • Selectable gamma curve for more natural tonal reproduction

  • Color temperature control allows the color balance of a picture to be changed to make it warmer or colder

  • Assignable button for ATW, RET, REC, Turbo Gain and other functions

  • Setup Card system to store setup parameters made via the camera head menu system

  • Internal light system powered from the camcorder’s lithium-ion battery

  • Optical filter wheels for ND (Neutral Density) and CC (Color Conversion)

  • Variable speed electronic shutter *Super Innovative Clear Scan function for shooting computer displays

  • Enhanced Vertical Definition System (EVS) for vertical resolution of 530 TV lines

  • Shot Data Recording of date and time of shooting, shot ID, cassette number and so on

  • Playback capability of full color video and audio without an adapter

  • Basic camera control from RM-B150 remote control unit

  • Compact and lightweight, approx. 7 kg including viewfinder, battery, cassette, microphone and lens *Low power consumption of 31.5 W



Supplied Accessories

Microphone (1)

Shoulder belt (1)

Lens cap (1)

XLR cap (4)

Maintenance manual (1)

Operation manual (1)

Optional Accessories

BVF-V20WCE 2-inch Type B/W Viewfinder


BKDW-701 Servo Filter Unit

BKDW-702 SDI Output Board

BKDW-703 Picture Cache Board

CA-701 Camcorder Adaptor

CA-702P Camcorder Adaptor

CA-755P Camcorder Adaptor

AC-DN1 AC Adaptor

AC-DN2A AC Adaptor

AC-DN2B AC Adaptor

BP-L60A Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

BP-L90A Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack

BP-M100 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack

BP-M50 Rechargeable Nickel Metal HydrideBattery Pack

BC-L120 Lithium-ion Battery Charger

BC-M50 Battery Charger

BSC-1-PACK Setup Card for HDW-700A

BVF-VC10W 1.35-inch Type Color Viewfinder

WRR-855A UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


WRR-855B UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


WRR-855B UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


WRR-855B UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


WRR-855B UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


WRR-860A UHF Synthesized Diversity Tuner


CCXA cable Audio Cable

RM-B150 Remote Control Unit

RM-P9 Remote Control Unit

LC-777 Carrying Case

For mounting WRR-855A/855B, an adaptor is