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DXC-D50 Series Digital Video Camera (Discontinued)

The Next-Generation DXC Camera,

for High-Picture-Quality Video Acquisition

Since the first models, the Sony DXC-series of production video cameras have been widely accepted for use in a number of professional video-acquisition applications because of their superb picture quality and operational performance.

The DXC-D50/D50WS is the next-generation in the DXC-series of cameras, designed for even greater picture quality and operational convenience. These cameras are offered in two different versions: the DXC-D50 4:3 model and DXC-D50WS 16:9/4:3-switchable model. Both feature the new high-performance Power HAD™ EX CCD sensor and precise 12-bit A/D conversion built into a highly sophisticated LSI.

The result is superior picture quality, high sensitivity, plus low noise and smear characteristics over previous models.

A variety of automatic functions have also been included, allowing easy and convenient operation in any shooting scenario.

Another important aspect of Sony DXC-D50/D50WS cameras is their excellent system versatility. Two types of camera control units are available; the CCU-D50, for multi-core CCU operation, and the CCU-TX7, for Triax CCU operation. The new RCP-D50/D51 Remote Controllers can also be used with either system. With a host of sophisticated features, the DXC-D50/D50WS provides an ideal solution for small studio operations at an affordable price. *In this web page, the DXC-D50 refers to both DXC-D50 for NTSC and DXC-D50P for PAL, while the DXC-D50WS refers to both DXC-D50WS for NTSC and DXC-D50WSP for PAL.


PAL Version

DXC-D50PL         (PAL) DXC-D50P

DXC-D50            (NTSC)


DXC-D50WS      (NTSC)


Note : Lens is optional item


Recommended Microphone

Sennheiser ME66+K6

ME 66 Short gun Microphone Head + K6 Powering Module for Batter/Phantom Powering

With Complete Accessories
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Optional item CCU-D50P, CA-D50, CC-TX50P, CA-TX50P
Product Configurations DXC-D50K /

DXC-D50L /
DXC-D50PL / D50WSL /

DXC-D50H /
Camera Head Yes Yes Yes
Camera Handle* Yes Yes Yes
Viewfinder DXF-801* (includes microphone holder) Yes Yes Option
Tripod Adaptor VCT-U14 Yes Yes Option

External Microphone*




Zoom Lens




*Available only as service parts.

High-Quality Pictures

New Power HAD EX CCDs

The DXC-D50/D50WS camera is equipped with three newly developed 2/3-inch type Power HAD EX CCDs, each with a high density of 1 million/490 K effective (NTSC) or 1.2 million/570 K effective pixels and offering high horizontal resolutions of 920* TV lines. A high sensitivity of F11 (at 2000 lx, 3200 K), an excellent S/N

ratio of 65 dB (NTSC)/63 dB (PAL), and an FIT-like vertical low smear level of -140 dB (typical) are achieved.

*On DXC-D50/D50P models


12-bit A/D Conversion

The Sony DXC-D50/D50WS incorporates a high-integrity 12-bit A/D LSI, so that the high-quality images captured by the Power HAD EX CCDs are processed with greater precision than conventional 10-bit

A/D LSIs. In particular, this higher bit resolution allows the contrast to be reproduced more faithfully in mid-tone areas of the picture.


Advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Another key to quality in a DSP camera is how many bits are used in its nonlinear processes, such as gamma correction.

The DXC-D50/D50WS camera uses more than 30 bits, minimizing round-off errors to maintain the CCD's high quality. The DSP LSI of the DXC-D50/D050WS also enables highly sophisticated image controls, such as Knee Saturation, and Adaptive Highlight Control functions.

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High-Performance Digital Signal Processing

Creative Image Control

Natural Color Reproduction with "Knee Saturation Control"

Traditionally, shooting very bright portions of an object (such as key light reflections from a person's forehead)

can reduce color saturation and change the hue in highlight areas.

The DXC-D50/D50WS cameras adopt a Knee Saturation Control function in which this 'washed-out'

effect on saturation and hue change is reduced to a minimum, and far more natural color reproduction in

highlight areas is achieved.


Adaptive Highlight Control

In conventional cameras, only a single knee-point/slope is available for contrast control over highlights. The DXC-D50/DXC-D50WS camera, however, provides multiple knee-points/slopes for superior overexposure control. The camera analyzes the highlight areas of a scene and automatically sets and optimizes multiple knee points/slopes accordingly. This allows the reproduction of extremely difficult images (such as an interior scene that includes a brightly sunlit window) with much more overexposure latitude. This function applies only to input video levels in excess of the knee point - the middle and low luminance parts of the video signal are unaffected by this control.

Low Key Saturation

With traditional cameras, low-light areas can be subject to reduced saturation, resulting in the color in

these areas being "washed-out". The Low Key Saturation function on the DXC-D50 series helps eliminate this problem by optimizing the amplification of color saturation at low light levels, providing more natural color reproduction.


Cross-Color Suppression

Separating the luminance and chrominance components of a composite signal can be a difficult task, even with the most advanced comb-filtering techniques. In order to keep cross color and cross luminance to a minimum, the DXC-D50 series virtually eliminates frequency components that may result in such artifact being generated prior to the signal output. These frequency components are virtually eliminated from the Y/R-Y/B-Y signals within the camera head through sophisticated digital three-line (NTSC)/five-line (PAL) comb filtering, resulting in a great reduction of the cross color and dot crawl

normally seen on picture monitors fed with a composite video signal.


Skin-Tone Detail Control

The Skin-Tone Detail function on the DXC-D50/D50WS allows softer detail correction to be applied in the facial area, while maintaining the sharpness of other parts of the picture. The Skin-Tone Detail area can be selected simply and

quickly using the Area-Detect Cursor in the viewfinder screen. The color range for the Skin-Tone Detail (and

skin detail level) can also be selected manually using the viewfinder menu system.


Discontinued Models

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Optional Accessories

DSR-1P Dockable Recorder

PVV-3P Betacam SP 2000PRO Dockable Recorder

CA-D50 Camera Adaptor

CA-TX7P Camera Adaptor

CCU-D50P Camera Control Unit

CCU-TX7P Camera Control Unit

COU-TX7 Camera Operational Unit

DXBK-701 SDI Output Board

RCP-D50 Remote Control Panel (Joystick Type)

RCP-D51 Remote Control Panel (Dial ControlType)

RM-M7G Remote Control Unit

BP-IL75 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack


BP-M50 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack

BP-M100 Rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Pack

BKW-L601 Battery Adaptor

BC-M150 Ni-MH & Li-ion Battery Charger

BC-M50 Ni-MH & Li-ion Battery Charger

CMA-8ACE AC Adaptor

ECM-672 Electret Condenser Microphone (U)

EC-0.3C2 Microphone cable

CAC-12 Camera Microphone Holder



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