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SSP iPad Portable Teleprompter Package

ProductCode: SSP iPad Teleprompter
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A complete hardware package enabling you to turn an iPad into a portable teleprompter (iPad not included).

Entry-level iPad prompter package

2 teleprompting solutions in 1
• On-camera prompter unit
• Straight-read below camera teleprompter

Designed to be used with the teleprompting software available for download from the App Store. Please note that this software is not designed or licensed by Autocue or QTV.
• iPad slots into a custom-made mounting plate to hold it securely in position beneath the broadcast quality prompter glass.
• *If being mounted on to a very small tripod head (less than 45mm in width), you will need an additional adaptor mounting plate

Free teleprompter hardware support
• Support teams in 3 locations - NY, Charlotte & London.
• 50+ years of experience serving global broadcasters' prompting needs.

Weight: 2.5kgs (5.5lbs)

Included in the package
• Wide angle teleprompter hood and mounting bracket
• Mounting plate for iPad
• Broadcast quality prompter glass (70:30), designed to produce the clearest mirror image and the optimal light to the camera
• Quick installation guide and detailed user manual
• Full warranty - 3 years for prompter hardware




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