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    4-Channel Headset/Speaker Remote Station

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     Clear-Com RM-704 4-Channel Headset/Speaker Remote Station
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    • Clear-Com RM-704

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    Clear-Com RM-704: Overview
    Clear-com RM-704 is the most advanced partyline intercom system. Each station is a four channel intercom with high level audio and various access of channels offers unbeaten workability in communication.
    RM-704 front panel has easy accessible controls and it can be modified depends on the needs of studio, stage or producer. Volume controls are available separately for each channel to get the
    correct audio mix in the headset or speaker.

    • Four Independent Intercom Channels for ultimate flexibility
    Microprocessor-Controlled Logic assures maximum communications power
    Universal Voltage Power Supply for 100 - 240 VAC operation, with shortcircuit protection on each channel
    Linking Control instantly links channels together in “super party line”
    Separate Talk and Listen Buttons for each channel
    Individual Listen Volume Controls for each channel
    “All-Talk” Function permits instant communications to all four channels
    Four Separate Program Inputs are electronically balanced
    Three Interruptible IFB Channels make talent cueing easy
    “Announce” Button with Relay for external paging
    Visual “Call Signaling” alerts users when others want to speak to them
    Wide-Range High-Output Speaker for optimum clarity in all acoustic environments
    “Hot-Mic” Output allows easy connection to external IFBs
    Adjustable Mic Proximity Compensation reduces acoustic feedback
    Superior “Contoured” Audio insures excellent voice intelligibility under all noise conditions, including high-noise environments
    LED buttons for talk, call, announce, link, all talk, and mic on
    Remote Mic Kill switch turns off the microphone talk circuits

    Clear-Com RM-704 Specifications
    Panel Microphone Input Input Type : Electret
    Input Impedance: >=2KΩ
    Mic Limiter Threshold: 0dBu ±3dB
    Mic Limiter Range: >= 20dB
    Headset Microphone Input Input Type: Dynamic
    Input Impedance: >= 1KΩ
    Mic Limiter Threshold: 0dBu ± 3dB
    Mic Limiter Range: >= 15dB
    Program Line Input Maximum Level before Clipping: >= 20dBu
    Input Impedance: >= 5KΩ
    Headset Output Load Impedance: >= 8Ω
    Output Impedance: <= 25Ω
    Output Limiter Threshold: +5dBu ± 3dB
    Maximum Output Level before Distortion: >= 17dBu
    Speaker Output Load Impedance: >= 4Ω
    Max Output Level before 1% Distortion: 20dBu ± 2dBu
    Party-line Output Off Noise: < -74dBu
    Output Impedance: >10KΩ
    Party-line Input Crosstalk: < -60dB
    Max level before Clipping: >= 12dBu
    Sidetone Null Capability: > 25dB
    Stage Announce/Balanced Line Out Type: Balanced
    Output Impedance: >= 200Ω
    Load Impedance: >= 600Ω
    IFB/Hot Mic Type: Unbalanced
    Output Impedance: 180Ω
    Load Impedance: >= 600Ω
    Frequency Response Panel Mic - Party-line: 600 - 10KHz ± 3dB
    Headset Mic - Party-line: 200 - 12KHz ± 3dB
    Headset Mic - Line Out: 200 - 12KHz ± 3dB
    Program Input - Party-line: 100 - 17KHz ± 3dB
    Program Input - Headset Out: 200 - 10KHz ± 3dB
    Program Input - Speaker Out: 300 - 10KHz ± 3dB
    Party-line - Headset Out: 200 - 10KHz ± 3dB
    Party-line - Speaker Out: 300 - 10KHz ± 3dB
    Max Distortion Panel Mic - Party-line: <= 0.5%
    Headset Mic - Party-line: <= 0.5%
    Headset Mic - Line Out: <= 0.5%
    Program Input - Party-line: <= 0.2%
    Program Input - Headset Out: <= 0.2%
    Program Input - Speaker Out: <= 0.5%
    Party-line - Headset Out: <= 0.2%
    Party-line - Speaker Out: <= 0.5%
    Noise Panel Mic - Party-line: < -65dBu
    Headset Mic - Party-line: < -70dBu
    Headset Mic - Line Out: < -55dBu
    Program Input - Party-line: < -85dBu
    Program Input - Headset Out: < -60dBu
    Program Input - Speaker Out: < -60dBu
    Party-line - Headset Out: < -50dBu
    Party-line - Speaker Out: < -50dBu
    Max Gain Panel Mic - Party-line: >= 37dB
    Headset Mic - Party-line: 41dB ± 2dB
    Headset Mic - Hot Mic Out: 55dB ± 3dB
    Headset Mic - Announce Out: 55dB ± 3dB
    Program Input - Party-line: >= -16dB
    Program Input - Headset Out: >= 18dB
    Program Input - Speaker Out: >= 24dB
    Party-line - Headset Out: >= 34dB
    Party-line - Speaker Out: >= 40dB
    Min Gain Panel Mic - Party-line: <= 25dB
    Power Input Voltage Range: 20-30 VDC
    Input Current (Idle): <= 90mA
    Input Current (Max): <=110mA
    Rear Panel Connectors Intercom: (2) XLR-3M (1 per channel)
    (2) XLR-3F (1 per channel)
    Hot Mic / IFB Interface: (1) 1/4 in. (0.64 cm) phone jack
    Accessory: (1) DB-15F
    Rear Panel Controls (12) Option switches
    Front Panel Connectors Panel Mic: (1) 1/4 in. (0.64 cm) panel mounting jack
    Headset: (1) XLR-4M
    Front Panel Controls & Indicators (1) Panel / headset mic switch
    (1) Announce button
    (2) Program send level controls
    (1) Program monitor level control
    (2) Listen controls
    (2) Sidetone null controls
    (2) Talk buttons
    (2) Call buttons
    (1) Speaker ON-OFF switch
    Environmental 32 - 122˚F (0 - 50˚C)
    Dimensions 19 in. W x 1.75 in. H x 7.0 in. D
    (483 mm x 44.5 mm x 178 mm)
    Weight 5.2 lbs. (2.36 Kg)
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