Distribution Amplifiers - VM-20FW

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VM-20FW, 1:20 Firewire Distribution Amplifier / Hub VM20FW WM20-FW



The VM-20FW is a distribution amplifier/hub for FireWire (IEEE-1394) signals. It equalizes and reclocks one of two FireWire inputs and distributes it to 20 identical outputs

Typical Applications:

  • DV duplication and non linear editing studios.

  • Broadcast and postproduction studios



  • Standards - 1394a 1995.

  • Transfer Rate - 100/200/400Mbps.

  • World Wide Power Supply -110-230V AC

  • Standard 19 Rack Mount Size - 1U



STANDARDS: Compliant with IEEE 1394a-1995  
PORTS: 20 IEEE-1394a serial ports + 2 selectable IEEE-1394a ports for source  
BUS TRANSFER RATE: 100/200/400 Mbps  
DEVICE INTERFACE: 400 Mbps, 20+2 ports, 3.3V (PHY).  
CONTROL: Reset; Channel A/B selection  
CABLE: IEEE-1394a 6 pin.  
LEDs: Power LED; 20 LEDs for Link Ready (cable inserted OK).  
POWER SOURCE: 110-230VAC, 25VA.  
DIMENSIONS: 19-inch (W), 7-inch (D) 1U (H) rack-mountable.  
WEIGHT: 2.8kg. (6.2 lbs.) approx.  


Distribution Amplifiers
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Acc & Rack Adaptors
Interfaces & Sync. Process

WD _ Kramer  151012  Link  Link1   Link2
Distribution Amplifiers
6104 6601 103AV 103YC 103YCB 104LN 104M 104R 105A 105S 105V 105VB 123VXL PT-101DVI-R PT-101R PT-102A PT-102S
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VM-50H VM-50V VM-50YC VM-51 VM-54 VM-54A VM-5AD VM-5ARII VM-5S VM-5YCXL VM-80A
VM-80V VM-9S VM-9YC VP-10 VP-108 VP-111 VP-123

Switchers & Matrix Switch. - PAGE 1 6241 6602 4x1S 4x1V 4x1VB 4x4A FC-1ETHN FC-3ETH PT-201VGA RC-3000 RC-8000 SD-7308 SD-7588A
SD-7588V VP-1201 | VP-128H VP-14T VP-1608 VP-161 VP-201XL  VP-214DS VP-222 VP-23 VP-23XL VP-242 VP-2x2 VP-31 VP-321 VP-32XLN
VP-41 VP-4x4 VP-61N VP-64ETH | VP-66ETH VP-81N VP-82 VP-84ETH VP-88ETH VP-8x8 VS-1001XLM VS-1002XL VS-1011 VS-101AV VS-120
VS-1201XL VS-1202XL VS-1202YC VS-1211 VS-1602XL | VS-1604 VS-1604YC VS-1616A VS-1616AD  VS-1616SDI VS-1616V VS-162AV VS-162V 
VS-1XL VS-2016
Switchers & Matrix Switch. - PAGE 2 VS-2042 VS-2053 VS-21 VS-21A VS-21DVI VS-21DVI-R VS-2481 VS-24XL VS-2DVA VS-30FW VS-33V
VS-401XLM VS-402XL | VS-411 VS-41AV VS-41DVI-R VS-421 VS-4216 VS-4228 VS-44AV VS-4E VS-4FW VS-4X VS-4x4FW VS-4x4YCXL VS-4YC
VS-55A VS-55V VS-55YC
VS-5x4 VS-5X5 | VS-601XLM VS-602XL VS-606XL VS-611 VS-61YC VS-626 VS-646 VS-66FW VS-6EII VS-6YC VS-801XLM|
VS-802XL VS-804XL VS-804YC VS-806YC VS-808XL | | VS-808YC | VS-812 VS-81A VS-81AV VS-81AYC VS-81ETH VS-81FW VS-81V VS-81X VS-828
VS-848 VS-84YC VS-88A VS-88V VS-8FW
VP-123V VP-12N VP-15 | | VP-18 VP-200 | VPL-200DXL VP-200N VP-200NA VP-200XL VP-210XL VP-22
VP-2XL VP-300 VP-300N VP-3XL VP-400 VP-400N VP-4XL VP-5XL VP-6XL VP-72 |VP-8 VP-61XL

Video - Audio Processors - SP-11 SP-11D SP-40 VP-11
Interfaces & Sync. Process
- 465  466 482 6410 6420 6808 6809 7408 7508 401C 401DN 401DXL FC-10 FC-10D FC-14 FC-15 FC-16 FC-20 FC-2000
FC-4044 | FC-4208 FC-6801 FC-7402 FC-7501 SG-6005 SG-6XL VP-100 VP-101 VP-103 VPM-2
Twisted-Pair Interfaces - 704 707 708 709 710 703XL 705XL 706XL 711XL 712XL PT-110 TP-100 TP-104 TP-120 TP-1XL TP-200 TP-2XL
TP-300FW TP-400FW TP-41 TP-42

Acc & Rack Adaptors
- 810 820 830 840 901 902 903 102MX 611R 611T 810B OC-1N OC-2 OC-4 PIP-200 PT-1FW TR-1 VA-10 VA-100 VA-11 VA-12
| VA-15XL VA-16XL | VA-2002
VA-2003 VA-256 VA-4 VA-50P VA-8XL VP-1 VP-14 VP-43XL VP-800
Scan Converters & Scalers
- VP-501XL VP-502XL VP-701SC VP-703SC VP-704SC VP-706SC VP-715 VP-716  VP-719XL VP-720XL VP-724XL
VP-725DS VP-725DSA | VP-740 VP-740ScaleMagix
 WP - Passive Devices - WA-1 WA-3 WAS-1 WAV-2 WBB WBR WB-45 WR-45 WRR WSP-1 WV-2 WVS-1 WVS-2 WX-1 WXA-1 WXV-1
 WP - Active Devices
-WA-20 WA-21 WA-22 WA-23 WP-110 WP-210 WP-210A WP-220 WPN-11 WPN-12 WV-11 WV-12 WV-20

Discontinued :

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