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  • Features

    – Ideal for drone logistic projects
    – Fully redundant design for a maximal operating safety
    – High wind stability up to 10 - 15 meter per second
    – Autonomic flight-control with 2 km and 500 waypoints possible
    – Scalable UAV-basis for your individualization and OEM-practice
    – Fully redundant design for approved operation in Austria (optional)
    – Outstanding innovation made in Germany: Winner of the Innovation Price 2014
    – Device comprehensive insurance for Europe (optional)


The new MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle Cargo is the first autonomously controlled transport-UAV with a maximum payload of 2 kg.
The new MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle Cargo is the first autonomously controlled transport-UAV, immediately ready to fly for your transport missions. The cargo box measures 300 x 200 x 120 mm and can carry up to 2 kg. The remote-controlled gripper securely lifts the box and releases it gently after landing at the destination. The MULTIROTOR Ground station flight planning software for easy route planning and the software licence Multicontrol pro are already included in the package.

Incomparable flight stability, thanks to the latest 32-bit dual-processor technology, which corrects the flight position 512 times per second and enables the probably most secure drone flight ever.

Are you planning an UAV-Logistic-Show-Case or do you require the development of a complete intra logistic transport-system?

The system is fully scalable and offers the ideal basis for your ambitious logistic applications in the future. Automatic object recognition, cross-linked system addressing and indoor orientation is possible as part of the custom specific individualisation.


Technical Data
Attitude control 512 times per second Yes
Automatic treble control 24-bit barometric Yes
Autonomous flight max. 500 waypoints Optional
Autostart / autolanding assistant Optional
Battery redundancy Yes
Cantilever beam plug system Optional
Digital option port (for future applications) Yes
Digital RC transmitter pilot Jeti dc-14
Dimension Ø 88cm, H49cm
Drive redundancy Yes
Emergency Landing Yes
Device hull insurance Europe Optional
Flight Control MULTIROTOR G4 Dual 32 bit Yes
Flight Control redundancy Optional
Flight data log 128 bit
Flight training and flight practice certificate Optional
GPS flight assistant (position Hold, Coming Home) Yes
Inspection (12 months, 25 flight lines, 350 starts) Optional
L1 GPS Yes
Live-View 5.8 GHz Diversity Yes
max. airspeed 50-60 km/h
max. Take-off weight (ideal) 5000 g
Pack size Stecksystem (45X32X49cm)
Payload (incl. camera suspension and flight battery) 2500 g
Servo connectors 6
Wind stable till 10-15 m/s

Scope of supply and services:
- MULTIROTOR G4 Eagle Cargo UAV "ready to fly"
– MULTIROTOR flight-control – winner of the Innovation Price 2014
– Software licence Multicontrol including registration
– MULTIROTOR GroundStation and GeoMap Win Software
– Technical range 2,000 meter min.
– Autopilot with 2,000 meter flight radius, position hold, coming home, automatic altitude control
– Remote-controlled gripper for transport box
– Transport box 300 x 200 x 120 mm, lockable
– Light and unbreakable full carbon frame
– Oval dome black
– Jeti dc-16 portable transmitter "MULTIROTOR edition" including battery and charger
– Two-way data telemetry with language assistance
– High performance flight battery (set of two)
– LiPo battery tester
– 2x battery charger
– Manual MULTIROTOR and safety briefing
– Manual MULTIROTOR GroundStation and GeoMap Win Software
– Technical device documentation incl. system-check and signature from the responsible aircraft engineer


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