Tempest TMP-MS224 2-Channel MasterBelt

Tempest2400 2-Channel MasterBelt

Product Code: TMP-MS224

Tempest2400 2-Channel MasterBelt


  • BaseStation functionality in a BeltStation
  • A completely portable Wireless Intercom Solution
  • No installation required
  • No rack-mount needed
  • Normal, Shared, and Split Modes available
  • Available in 2-channel Tempest2400 only
  • Compatible with Tempest2400 BeltStations
  • Over 8 hours of battery life

The Tempest MasterBelt® is ideal for mobile production and offers all the advanced features, reliability, and robustness of the Tempest2400 rack-mount BaseStation in a compact, portable, and easy-to-deploy package that can be conveniently worn on the hip. The Tempest MasterBelt is designed to act as a Tempest BaseStation. This enables the Tempest Wireless technology to be used in applications where users move together within the same workspace.

Because the Base is a Belt, there is added flexibility for the group to be on-the-go. The MasterBelt can be paired with any standard Tempest2400 2-channel BeltStation to create a full-featured 2-channel system in the 2.4GHz band. The MasterBelt supports two intercom channels (A/B) and can support up to five BeltStations operating in full duplex simultaneous communication. The MasterBelt also functions as the 6th full-duplex wireless user in the system.

Ideal Applications:
- Tour Guides
- Film Crews
- Reality Television Production

System Specifiations
RF Frequency     2400 to 2480 MHz
RF Scheme FHSS with TDMA
Effective Radiated Power 100mW using 2dBi antenna
Receiver Sensitivity -93 dBm for 10-5 BER
Radio Certification FCC Part 15, Canadian RSS-210, license free
Transmission Range 1,000 ft. (304.8 m) under ideal conditions. 500 ft. to 900 ft. (152.4 m to 274.3 m) typical
Audio Dynamic Range >94 dB
Audio Frequency Response 300Hz–3.8KHz with proprietary audio voice shaping
System Latency Less than 60 ms direct
RoHS Compliant Yes
BeltStation Specifications
Intercom Audio Channels 2
Simultaneous Listen Paths True Dual Listen 
Headset Connector 4-pin male XLR
Microphone Type Dynamic or Electret, selected
LCD Display     102 × 80 pixels
Antenna Internal +2 dBi patch
USB BeltStation Power Supply Input 100–240 V, 0.3 A, 50–60 Hz, Output 5 V, 1.25 A
Battery Life, Rechargeable Up to 8 hours
Battery Charge Time, Lithium-Polymer Battery Under 3 hours
Optional Power 3 Standard AA alkaline cells
Battery Life, Alkaline Batteries Approximately 4 Hours
Dimensions H 6.1 in. × W 4.0 in. × D 1.75 in. (156 mm × 102 mm × 44.5 mm)
Weight 14.3 oz (405 g)
Operating Environment -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F); 10% to 90% Humidity
  • Multi-blade Charger
  • Tempest CD
  • USB Cable
  • Pairing Cable
  • Li-Poly Battery
  • Quick Start Guide