Blackmagic DaVinci Revival

Blackmagic DaVinci Revival

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 Blackmagic DaVinci Revival - Powerful full featured film restoration with automatic and interactive workflows

Blackmagic DaVinci Revival
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Revival is a fantastic entry level Linux based software tool that lets you manually restore film originated video files in SD, HD or data up to 4K! Revival has interactive tools for the manual repair or removal of common film based image problems. These include region of interest (ROI) motion compensated dirt and dust removal with a variety of choice for support frames, reveal brush image from any clip or frame, and splice or extreme frame damage repair and frame reconstruction.

Incredibly powerful film restoration and repair!
DaVinci Revival is the world's best film restoration software with incredible features to repair all types of film damage, as well as powerful network rendering for unlimited speed. Remove problems such as film grain, dust, dirt and scratches, eliminate scratches, kill flicker, fix registration and weave problems, and repair warping from bad film splices. DaVinci Revival comes in two affordable solutions. DaVinci Revival Pro even includes software render nodes for massive rendering speeds!

World's Greatest Film Restoration
With millions of reels of film footage now needing to be restored and cleaned up for remastering to HD broadcast, Blu-ray, DVD and internet delivery, DaVinci Revival has all the tools for all types of film treatment and repair. Older film that's been stored in poor conditions can suffer from stains, damaged and broken splices and even scratches. DaVinci Revival handles all this, plus it's perfect for new film that needs a little grain reduction to get it looking perfect!

Fastest and Greatest Film Repair Tools!
DaVinci Revival works in both manual and automatic modes. In manual workflow you have full control of each individual frame within the region of interest. In automatic mode, DaVinci Revival handles all frames, which is ideal when working on large restoration projects with lots of film. Remove or sample-and-add film grain, remove dirt and dust, de-warp damaged film, stabilize film that's weaving independently in red, green and blue, repair bad splices or even add and remove cadence!

Mind Blowing Speeds!
DaVinci Revival is unmatched in rendering speed because it takes full advantage of the multiple CPUs in modern computers and has network rendering built in.

Super Fast Network Rendering
If a client arrives at your facility with a roll of film that needs cleaning up for the job, you won't need to stall the whole job. Use network rendering to blaze through.

Advanced Grain Reduction
Everyone loves the incredible quality and contrast range of film, however no one loves the film grain that often makes keying, effects and other work difficult.

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