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Panasonic UX series of handheld 4K to replace the current AVCCAM series, AG-UX90 will be a good replacement for the discontinued AG-AC90

7% Goods Service Tax (GST) will be imposed over the total invoice value if purchased locally in Singapore. However if you are a tourist visiting Singapore, this GST amount can be refunded at the Changi International Airport Departure Hall GST Refund Centre before departure with goods within 60 Days from the date of purchase. Please note that only Tourists who have met the Tourist Refund Scheme's conditions and eligibility criteria can claim for the GST refund. Please visit: for GST Guide for Visitors on Tourist Refund Scheme.

  • Panasonic AG-UX90 UHD 4K Camcorder
    Product code: AGUX90

    AG-UX90 50Hz Panasonic AG-UX90 4K Camcorder
    AG-UX90 60Hz Panasonic AG-UX90 4K Camcorder 60hz

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  • Features

    - 1" MOS (Effective)

    - Opt. 15x Zoom w/ Advanced OIS

    - iA-Zoom 25x(FHD)

    - UHD 30p/24p *¹

    - FHD 60p/30p/24p*¹

    - VFR: FHD 2-60fps

    - HDMI

    *¹ 60Hz model
    Available Both 60Hz and 50Hz model

    Click here for Specifications
  • Optional Accessories
    Sony Headphone
    Sony MDR-7506 headphone


    Buy Sell Sale Sony MDR-7506 headphone

Panasonic AG-UX90 4K UX Series Handheld Camcorder
Panasonic AG-UX90 4K UX Series Handheld Camcorder, new series of professional camcorders, is bound to take 4K capture to the next level. Panasonic AG-UX90 4K UX Series Handheld Camcorder boasts an array of unique features.

Seamless Video Production
This Panasonic AG-UX90 camcorder boasts of a wide range of spectacular features that are aimed at ensuring improved video production. For one, it guarantees high image quality. It features unique 24mm lens, which is considered the widest in its category. Even more, this model also has a unique MOS sensor. The sensitivity realized from this sensor is same as that of the common handheld camcorders.

The camera supports video production in a variety of formats including AVCHD, QuickTime, and MP4. It also displays a variety of recording modes like FHD. These integrated features are designed to make 4K shooting easier and better than ever before.

Notable Features
Panasonic AG-UX90 4K UX Series Handheld Camcorder boasts of a powerful 15x lens which ensures quality capture of 4K content. This ensures the images achieved are clearer and better in terms of quality. Observably, it does not have the SDI and time code jacks that are evident in the UX180.

The camcorder is fully equipped with i.Zoom function, which increases the zooming capability of up to 25x in HD shooting mode. Worth noting is that the UX90 also boasts of 0.24-type EVF. A combination of all these features and functionalities make this Panasonic 4k video camera almost irresistible.

The camcorder is also designed to last longer under various harsh conditions. If you need a camcorder that will not disappoint you when it comes to durability, this is the perfect match.

Improved OIS, Intelligent Auto Focus
If there is one feature you cannot fail to appreciate in this newly improved Panasonic professional camera, it is the high dependability of its Optical Image Stabilization. This guarantees better quality pictures and video production in general. When compared to the AVCCAM models, the I.O.S correction area of this series has been expanded 9 times when in UHD/FHD mode over the conventional area. What this implies is a more powerful correction capability even in stringent and unfavorable shooting angles.

Intelligent Auto Focus feature is perfect for professional camera work. This enhanced feature enables the traditionally difficult 4K capture easier and more enjoyable. This in turn guarantees faster speed, superior tracking performance, and unwavering stability. It will be a favorite for many. Pressing the AF button enables easy customization of speed, area width, and sensitivity of the camera.

Soaring Higher
If there is one undoubtedly aspect, it is that Panasonic has stepped up its game when it comes to 4k video recording. With the release of such a budget friendly high-performance Panasonic 4k video camera, it has shown to the entire world and its arch rivals that it is a force to reckon with. Panasonic has not only given a perfect product for the consumers but also a great challenge to the competitors. With even more expected to come, we can never be short of expectations as fanatics of Panasonic. For now, the best you can do is to make an early order for the highly anticipated Panasonic AG-UX90 4K Standard Professional Camcorder. You would have booked your way into an adventurous video recording experience!

  • Optional Accessories

    Battery Pack

    Battery Pack AG-VBR118G+AG-VBR89G+AG-VBR59


    Buy Sell Sales Battery Pack AG-VBR118G+AG-VBR89G+AG-VBR59

  • Dual Battery Charger

    Dual Battery Charger AG-BRD50


    Buy Sell Sales Dual Battery Charger AG-BRD50

  • Battery Charger
    Battery Charger AG-B23


    Buy Sell Sale Battery Charger AG-B23

  • Rechargeable

    Lithium Ion Battery

    VW-VBD58 Lithium Ion Battery
    Buy Sell Sale Panasonic VW-VBD58 Lithium Ion Battery
  • Optional Accessories

    XLR Microphone

    AG-MC200G XLR Microphone


    Buy Sell Sale AG-MC200G XLR Microphone

  • Optional Accessories

    LED Video Light

    VW-LED1 LED Video Light


    Buy Sell Sales VW-LED1 LED Video Light

  • Wireless Module

    AJ-WM50 Wireless Module


    Buy Sell Sales Panasonic AJ-WM50 Wireless Module

  • Wireless Module
    AJ-WM50 Wireless Module


    Buy Sell Sale Panasonic AJ-WM50 Wireless Module

  • 4K LCD Monitor

    BT-4LH310 4K LCD Monitor
    Buy Sell Sale BT-4LH310 4K LCD Monitor
  • 4K Rugged Toughpad
    FZ-Y1CG 4K Rugged Toughpad


    Buy Sell Sales Panasonic FZ-Y1CG 4K Rugged Toughpad

  • SDXC Memory Card 128GB
    RP-SDUE12DVX 128GB Memory Card


    Buy Sell Sales RP-SDUE12DVX 128GB Memory Card

  • SDXC Memory Card 64GB

    RP-SDUE64DVX 64GB Memory Card


    Buy Sell Sales RP-SDUE64DVX 64GB Memory Card

  • SD Memory Card
    Panasonic 64GB Micro Card


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  • SD Memory Card

    Panasonic 128GB Micro Card
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Panasonic AG-UX90 Camcorder Review
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Wonders! by Panasonic

** Admin **  24/10 /16
The first two models of the new UX series of professional 4K camcorders, the standard model AG-UX90 will be available in November and the premium model AG-UX180 in December.


** Admin **  26/10 /16
Panasonic Singapore today was having the UX Series Product Launch at its Bedok South plant. The 2 products were premium model, AG-UX180 and the more affordable standard model, AG-UX90. The specifications and details of the two models were announced to us and that including the list price and the stock availability. That has marked a new milestone for all 4K recording as an entry level for Premium UX Series Video Production.

The UX Series camcorders delivers a magnificent 4K performance with astonishing features including a breakthrough designed Leica Dicomar 4K compact lens with a industry’s widest angle, i.e. the wide 24mm angle (4K 24p, 17:9). for an integrated lens camcorder.

The premium AG-UX180 features a high-powered 20x optical zoom which covers the range from 24 mm at the wide-angle to the telescopic end of 480 mm.


A 1.0-type (effective size) MOS sensor is incorporated in both models to provide them with the same level of sensitivity as other conventional handheld camcorders. It also supports the extensive and easy-to-use MOV (QuickTime), MP4 and AVCHD file formats.

The Expanded O.I.S in the UX Series features a very Intelligent Auto Focus for easy operation and high reliability that has made 4K shooting much easier than before.

The camcorder’s two SD card slots enable seamless relay recording by simply changing SD memory cards and allow recording at the same time.

The four lens groups could be driven on its own at the same time by the lens system. The lens size and drive range for each of the four groups can be efficiently suppressed to produce quality image and max up its zoom power.

There is a 3.5-type LCD monitor embedded inside the camcorders’ handle section, ready to be pulled out and rotated at 270 degrees vertically for easier viewing at high-angle or low angle.

Value for Money
By Lau, 29/12 /16
We have tested the camera in Expandore showroom and were surprised by the good low light performance. Overall, it's a camera packed with features and represents a very good value for money. For less than US$ 2K, the camera comes with 1" sensor, 15x optical zoom, 30p UHD recording, XLR Audio and most importantly it produces good quality image!

** Admin ** 16/10 /17
Dear Customers Please note for AG-UX90, there are 2 models available for order One for PAL market ( Most of the South-East country ), other for NTSC market ( eg Philippines and Myanmar ) Please make clear when order as both models not necessary having the same price Thus when order , please specify who one you need.

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