Sony UWP-D16 - Belt-pack UWP-D wireless microphone package with XLR plug-on transmitter

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  • Sony UWP-D16 Price, Offer,sale from Singapore
    Product Code: UWPD16
    Frequency :566 to 630 MHz

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The Sony UWP-D16 wireless microphone has been designed with Sony Hybrid Digital Processing features that make it an ultimate solution for use on hybrid digital audio systems. This microphone is the complete solution for users looking for a combination of reliable analogue FM modulations and digital audio processing. The microphone is supplied as a package together with other components including:
• A shoe-mount adaptor
• A belt and microphone holder clip
• A UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter
• URX-P03 receiver that is portable
• A 48V plug-on transmitter (UTX-P03 XLR)

Buyers can choose from four different models offering different bandwidths of up to 72MHz when used with different channels. All these models come with some top features for wireless microphones, and this includes headphone output, USB connection for both supplies of power and as input, small-sized receivers that can be used in different camcorder sizes plus a large display. The Sony UWP-D16 is the best solution for those looking for top quality performances on transient responses when used in different applications.

Main Features
Easy to Use

The UWP-D16 features a function that automatically sets channel, making it easy to use. It also allows for USB connection that can be used for input or power supply. The microphone also uses a small size receiver that is meant to fit neatly in DSLR cameras and camcorders. To crown all these amazing features that enhance the use of the microphone, it comes fitted with a conveniently large display system.

High-Quality Sound
Integrating the use of Hybrid Digital Processing Systems, the UWP-D16 provides an exceptional response on performance plus has a high-quality sound that cannot be compared to what analogue wireless microphones achieve. The microphone can accurately reproduce different sounds such as handclap, bell or tee shot, something that analogue wireless systems would struggle to achieve.

Channel Scan and Setting
When using your UWP-D16 without having specified a channel, the channel scan system of the UWP-D16 microphone will automatically detect and select the right channel for using. The microphone clearly defines its Active Channel Scan, and IR Sync features making it an easy to use audio solution. It has an easy and fasts set up, and this ensures that no audio details are missed. The IR Sync feature allows users to choose set their transmitter channels automatically. The Sony UWP-D16 wireless microphone when used in the Auto Set channel mode, allows for users to find automatically the most optimal frequencies to use the ones provided by the system.

Different Bandwidths
The Sony UWP-D16 wireless microphone is available in four different models offering wide frequency coverage. These include:
• UWP-D16/K21 - this offers a bandwidth of 72MHz across channels 21-29
• UWP-D16/K33 - covers channels 33-41 with a bandwidth of 72Mhz
• UWP-D16/K42 - delivers a 56MHz bandwidth across channels 42-48
• UWP-D16/K51 - offers a 72MHx bandwidth across channels 51-59

Compatibility and Connectivity
The Sony UWP-D16 is supplied with a UTX-P03 plug-on transmitter that allows for connections with a48V phantom power three-pin XLR connector. This allows for the microphone to be connectable to any standard dynamic or condenser microphone model. The receivers and transmitters of the UWP-D16 series are compatible with different series. These include the WL-800, UWP and Freedom Series and this makes it possible for users to switch between different modes.

Other Features
Dropout Free Transmission

The UWP-D16 uses two receivers sections to deliver signals. It then uses a comparison circuit which compares the quality of the two signals and picks the best for a dropout-free transmission. This helps the UWP-2016 model achieve high-quality audio signals. The UWP-D16 can be used together with a camera that lacks a headphone output using the headphone output socket that it comes with.

For application flexibility, the microphone is installed with a line input. It also comes with a robust, strong and durable metal body which makes it a reliable option for use in tough conditions.

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