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Sony SRX-T110

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Sony SRX-T110 Large Venue Installation Projector

Sony SRX-T110
Product Code: SRXT110
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Bringing more information and enabling greater immersion - The SRX-T110 projectors offer ultra-high 4K resolution and 11,000 lumens brightness

• High 4K Resolution & projecting 4096 x 2160 pixels image over four times as many pixels as Full HDTV display
• High 2500:1 Contrast Ratio
• Bright and Pure Xenon Lamp Light Source of 11,000 lumens
• 12-bit SXRD Panel Driver
• Gamma Curve Selection
• Dual-Lamp System with Selectable Lamp Modes
Projection System SXRD panels, 1 lens projection system
Imaging Device SXRD, 1.55-inch (diagonal), 4096(H) x 2160(W) x 2160(V) pixels on each chip (8,847,360 pixels)
Lamp 2kW Xenon Lamp x 2
Light Output 11,000 lumens
Screen Coverage 1,845 mm to 16,000 mm (with LKRL-90)
Screen Coverage 4,500 mm to 16,000 mm (with LKRL-Z115, LKRL-Z117, LKRL-Z119, LKRL-Z122)
Screen Coverage 4,500 mm to 10,000 mm (with LKRL-Z140)
Contrast 2500:01:00
Resolutions 1920 x 1080 pixels (HD-SDI Input, SMPTE-292M)
Resolutions 2048 x 1080 pixels (with LKRI-003, LKRI-004 or LKRI-005)
Resolutions 3840 x 2160 pixels (with LKRI-003 x 4, LKRI-004 or LKRI-005 x 4)
Resolutions 4096 x 2160 pixels (with LKRI-003 x 4, LKRI-004 or LKRI-005 x 4)
Input A  LKRI-005 pre-installed
Remote Interface RS-232C: D-Sub 9-pin (female)
Dimensions (WxHxD) 740 x 498 x 1326 mm
Mass Approx. 120 kg
Power Requirements AC 200 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature 5 to 35 °C (41 to 95 °F)
Operating Humidity 35% to 85% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -20 to 60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)
Storage Humidity  10 to 90%




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