Sony 15.6-inch Widescreen Entry-level LCD Monitor

Sony LMD-1510W
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Sony LMD-1510W 15.6" Widescreen Entry-level LCD monitor

 Sony LMD-1510W
Product Code: LMD1510W

The LMD-1510W is a 15.6-inch WXGA (1366 x 768) multi-format professional monitor specifically designed to provide reference video monitoring solution for entry-level video applications. A 10-bit processor ensures accurate picture reproduction with less image artefacts. Combined with a high purity filter, the LMD-1510W provides excellent colour depth for precise colour reproduction. Equipped with a HDMI interface as standard, this entry-level monitor is an ideal match for professional and semi-professional High Definition applications. In addition, the optional adaptor BKM-341HS supports both HD-SDI and SD-SDI inputs. The LMD-1510W wins hands-down in terms of breadth of operation and performance when compared to standard PC monitors: video image reproduction is far superior due to its moving picture optimisation circuitry and colour temperature and Gamma control. Slim and lightweight, the LMD-1510W also offers outstanding installation flexibility. It has a table stand and VESA mount as standard, enabling it to be easily placed on a desktop, in a monitor wall or on a ceiling. Entirely at home in many professional environments, the LMD-1510W truly redefines high performance in the entry-level sector.

10bit signal processing & precise picture setting. white reproduction without clipping and a smooth gray scale adjusted along the broadcast standard.
Five Gamma selection Besides the standard gamma setting (2.2), four other different gamma settings can be selected.
Color temperature adjustment Besides the two default settings, color temperature can be adjusted manually for precise adjustment.
IP Mode selection An appropriate IP Mode can be selected among the following two according to the purpose.
HD/SDI available with the BKM341HS