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Advantages of HDV

Sony expands HDV line-up by launching HVR-V1E /P camcorder with progressive scan (25p) capability and full HDV resolution 
With switchable HDV, DVCAM and DV recording and playback capability, the Sony HVR-V1E gives professional users even  more flexibility to choose the best format for their production

Sony HDV Camcorders  HVR-V1E PAL 
Sony HVR-V1
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The HVR-V1E supports recording and playback of HDV 1080i, DVCAM and DV.

1080/50i and 25p (progressive scan) acquisition
For the first time, Sony has introduced progressive scan acquisition to its professional HDV camcorder range. In addition to typical 50i, the HVR-V1E offers 25P progressive scan capture. This is ideal for those who wish to create a more cinematic look and feel to their productions and lends itself particularly well to those film-makers with smaller budgets. The 25p scan images are recorded at 50i, and can be played back using existing HDV1080/50i HDV products. In addition, 25p scan footage from the HVR-V1E is supported by major NLEs (Non-Linear Editors) such as Sony, Adobe, Apple, Avid and Canopus.

3 ClearVid CMOS Sensors
The HVR-V1E is the first Sony professional camcorder to feature three ClearVid CMOS Sensors. Coupled with Sony's Enhanced Imaging Processor (EIP), these sensors provide high sensitivity, low noise and a wide dynamic range to achieve high-quality images. The ClearVid CMOS Sensor also eradicates picture smear and has 4 times high speed scanning capability enabling 'Smooth Slow Rec' function.

20 x Optical Zoom Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens
The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens features Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass and a 20x optical zoom lens with F2.8 at the tele-photo end for greater light sensitivity and long-range image acquisition for maximum shooting flexibility.

2 x XLR Microphone Inputs
For enhanced audio options

Like the other Sony professional HDV camcorders, users can choose to shoot in HDV and then down-convert to DVCAM via the camcorder.

3.5" Clear Photo LCD
For image monitoring

Timecode Options
Including preset and synchronisation.

HDMI Output
For direct interface with HD ready consumer displays

IBC Amsterdam, 7 September 2006 - Sony today announced the addition of its latest professional HDV camcorder, the HVR-V1E, to its wide range of professional HDV products, which includes Sony's first and flagship HDV professional camcorder, the HVR-Z1E and the compact and lightweight HVR-A1E.

"Our professional HDV products have proven popular with the market and by the end of September we expect to have shipped around 91,000 units worldwide since introduction in January 2005." said Stuart Reed, Product Marketing Manager at Sony Europe. "The HVR-V1E is the latest camcorder to join our expanding range of products and with its progressive scan feature, provides film-makers with smaller budgets greater choice when shooting their productions."

Sophisticated Camera System
HVR-V1E has newly incorporated the "3 (three) ClearVid CMOS Sensor" imaging technology. Coupled with Sony's Enhanced Imaging Processor?(EIP), these sensors provide high sensitivity, low noise and a wide dynamic range to achieve high-quality images. The ClearVid CMOS Sensor also eradicates picture smear and has 4 times high speed scanning capability enabling "Smooth Slow Rec" function.

The Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* Lens features Extra-low Dispersion (ED) Glass and a 20x optical zoom lens with F2.8 at the tele-photo end for greater light sensitivity and long-range image acquisition for maximum shooting flexibility. A Digital Extender feature also enables the tele-photo focal length to be extended by around 1.5 times to a maximum of 1100mm at 35mm conversion. 

Progressive scan features with full HDV resolution
While the "3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor" system provides great picture quality in HDV 1080/50i video, the HVR-V1E newly supports 25p progressive scan feature. The feature is ideal for producers that want a more film-like quality to their work and lends itself well to film-makers on a smaller budget. Unlike "progressive-look" picture interpolated from interlace scan camera system, the HVR-V1E's "3 ClearVid CMOS Sensor" system natively captures progressive scan image while maintaining full HDV resolution. Moreover, footage shot using the progressive scan feature can be played back on any Sony HDV professional camcorders and VTRs and can be edited with major current non-linear editing systems, including Sony, Adobe, Apple, Avid and Canopus.

Film-like picture quality has been enhanced by the Cinematone Gamma & Cinematone Colour features as well as other sophisticated cinema related features such as Last Scene Review.

Optional Hard Disk Recording Unit for greater work-flow options
In order to further enhance HDV acquisition, the new optional hard disk recording unit, HVR-DR60, will be introduced. The HVR-DR60 can record HDV/DVCAM/DV stream from existing Sony HDV and DVCAM camcorders via i.LINK for longer recording simultaneous recording with tape and hard disk and faster upload to non-linear editing system. In addition to these advantages common to the other Sony camcorders, the combination of the HVR-DR60 and the
HVR-V1E has more unique features, such as tapeless recording, instant status check on HVR-V1E's panels and easy attachment with the HVR-V1E.

Professional Features
HVR-V1E has a range of advanced professional features, including:

  • A timecode preset function
  • A TC Link to synchronize time codes between multiple cameras
  • Two XLR microphone inputs for independent sound recording
  • A Camera Profile feature to adjust the camera settings of multiple cameras for multi-camera operations.

Small size and Stamina
The HVR-V1E is the same size and weight as the DSR-PD170 and enjoys eight hours of battery life with the NP-F970. In addition, it uses mini-size DV cassettes that are capable of up to 63 minutes of continuous recording in HDV mode using Sony DigitalMaster tape.

Other features of the
The additional features of the HVR-V1E include a 3.5" Clear Photo LCD plus viewing screen, HDMI output, and 1.2M still picture capture.

Optional accessories for the HVR-V1E / HVR-V1P
In order to expand function of the HVR-V1E, new accessories will be launched towards the end of the year and throughout the spring. These include: 

·         HVL-LBP - LED battery video light

·         Powered by infoLITHIUM "L" Series battery (NP-F970)

·         VCL-HG0862K - Wide Conversion Lens exclusive for HVR-V1E

·         Bayonet joint for easy attachment

·         LCS-G1BP - Soft Carrying Case

·         Compatible with HVR-V1E, Z1E, A1E, DSR-PD170

·         Can store the camcorder without removing the optional microphone

·         SH-L35WBP - LCD Hood exclusive for HVR-V1E

·         Can be attached quickly and easily

Opening up new creative possibilities
The HVR-V1E HVR-V1P are scheduled for release in November 2006 and is the sister product of the HDR-FX7E, which is aimed at the consumer market.


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