Sony PMW300 K1 Three 1/2-inch Exmor™CMOS sensors semi-shoulder XDCAM Camcorder

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Sony PMW-300 K1 XDCAM Camcorder
Product Code: PMW300K1
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    Sony USB SXS card reader

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    Offer Sony SBAC-US30 USB SXS Card Reader

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    Atomos Samurai Blade
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  • Shoulder Mount Adaptor
    Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder

    Buy Sell Sales ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for Sony PMW-300
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    Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
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    Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
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    Sony Headphone
    Sony MDR-7506


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PMW-300K1: Overview
Imagine taking high-quality, clear crisp images in low-light environments, think it"s impossible? With the Sony PMW-300 K1 camcorder, it is now very possible. The Sony PMW-300 K1 camcorder possessed three 1/2-inches ExmorFull-HD CMOS sensors, making it suitable for a wide range of situations.

Pair together with its multi-camera capabilities and it"s ability to be remotely controlled, you can now pair this camcorder with different types of high-end camera systems.

Being an improvement of the Sony PMW-EX3 model, comparatively, this camcorder can record up to 50mbps of HD material in MPEG-2 HD422, and thus making it one of the top broadcast camcorders in the world.

The high bit rate makes it perfect for capturing fast moving, blurring actions not to mention that the model is upgradable to support XAVC codec which is important in extending its lifespan.

You never have to worry about the different lenses and whether it would be compatible because the Sony PMW-300 K1 is compatible with different lenses including the 2/13-inche and 1/2-inch lenses.

If you purchase this camcorder, it comes packed with two lenses of 16x and 14x zoom power as well.

Connect the Sony PMW-300 K1 to a device that support HDMI inputs and broadcast infrastructures and now you have your memories on a big screen.

It has an HD-SD/SDI, HDMI output support and can be remotely adjusted using a remote controller (sold separately) that communicates with the 8-pin remote connector.

Sit back, relax in your couch and watch your memories play on the big screen anytime you want.

Main Features
Having a 1/2-inch type Exmor CMOS Full HD meant that this camcorder would be excellent for shooting in different conditions, whether it would be too dim or too bright a condition.

The sensors also offers a high sensitivity to light while reducing image noise and overall it would improve the resolution of images even when captured/filmed in low-light conditions. Clear sharp crisp images every time you click that button away.

The lens system is interchangeable, and the two lenses that come free with every purchase of this camera come with a focus ring that allows for fast switching between auto and manual focus during use.

Built with a 3.5-inch color LCD viewfinder, you would have precision focus when using the camcorder everything, don"t worry if the image will turn out any different from how you see it through your viewfinder.

This model supports a wide range of frame rates and can record at 50i, 59.94i as well as 1920x1080/25P, DVCAM, and MPEG-2 HD.

With a recording of 1 frame per seconds (fps) to 60fps, slow and quick motion shooting can be obtained. If you buy the Wi-Fi adaptor, it can be used with this camcorder to achieve remote control over Wi-Fi.

Most importantly, the Sony PMW-300 K1 comes with a 15-second cache recording functions, and this helps prevent loss of important scenes during shooting.

Capture every moment with Sony PMW-300 K1.
Optional Accessories:

ST-7S300 Camera Support - Shoulder mount for Sony PMW-300

What is in the box
Lens hood (1),
Pre-installed to the Camcorder
Infrared Remote Commander (1)
USB cable (1)
BP-U30 battery pack (1)
BC-U1 battery charger (1)
Shoulder strap (1)
Lithium battery (CR2032 for data backup) (1),
Pre-installed to the Camcorder
Lithium battery (CR2025 for the IR Remote Commander) (1),
Pre-installed to the IR Remote Commander "Before Using this Unit" (1)
Operating instructions in PDF (1)

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Optional Accessories  

300S-EMVS Camera Conversion
System Package

Buy Sell Sales 300S-EMVS



Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig
for Sony PMW-300 Camcorder

 Product Code :ST7S300
Buy Sell Sales ST-7S300 Shoulder Rig for Sony PMW-300

Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
Sony PXUMS240 Mobile Storage Unit
Product Code :PXU-MS240
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Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
Sony VCT-SP2BP Multi-function Camcorder
Shoulder Support

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Buy Sell Sales Sony VCT-SP2BP

Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
Litepanels Sola Fresnel
Focusable Fresnels Feature Breakthrough Technology
View Details
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Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
 Extension cable 2.3m for ZC-9EX
Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
Remote Controller
Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Fujinon ACM-21 Lens Mount Adaptor for Sony PMW-EX3
Lens Mount Adaptor for 2/3" Fujinon lenses on the PMW-EX3
BeachTek MultiMount5D
Accessory Bracket
For PMW-Ex3
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Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Buy Sell Sale PR415 Petrolbags Rain Cover Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder

PC303 Campack Plus

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PC004 Soft Carry Case
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PC103 Soft Carry Case
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PR415 Rain Cover
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Hard carrying case
Pelican 1610
Hard Case
Pelican 1614
1610 Case with Padded Dividers
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Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Buy Sell Sale PR-415 Petrolbags Rain Cover Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder Sony PMW-300 K1 Camcorder
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