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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Base: Overview
The FreeSpeak II digital wireless base station serves as the heart of the wireless communication system for all FreeSpeak II digital wireless beltpack users. All wired and wireless communications flow through the base station. Each wireless beltpack and wired intercom connection on the rear panel has its own full-duplex port, and the voice communication from each is sampled, mixed, and re-routed throughout the system as desired.

The base station provides a front-panel vacuum fluorescent display showing status and battery information. Each beltpack has its own timeslot and can be individually addressed by the base, allowing multiple combinations of beltpack-to-beltpack and small-group conversations to happen simultaneously. The base station has connections for two Partylines and five 4-wires including a dedicated SA output and Program audio input.

FreeSpeak II can operate as a standalone system, with up to 20 full-duplex wireless beltpacks connected to one base station. As an integrated solution where beltpacks are seamlessly connected to a Matrix frame (via the E-Que-HX card), up to 50 user connections can be achieved (25 in the US). Active Tranceiver Antennas can enable beltpack-to-base station distance range up to 3,200ft (1,000m). The system has 4-wire and partyline intercom connectivity, program feed input, stage announce, IFB, up to 5 wireless partyline groups and partyline call alert functionality.

The FreeSpeak II base station can now intelligently mix 1.9GHz and 2.4GHz system components such as the wireless beltpack and tranceiver antennas in the same system.
Base-to-Beltpack Frequency Response: 100 Hz - 7.1 kHz.
No. of Beltpacks per Base Station: 20
No. of Transceiver/ Antennas Supported by  Base, Basic Base: 10
No. of Active Antenna Ports: 2
PC Programming Port: DB9
Relay Port: DB9
Partyline Intercom A and Intercom B (each): XLR-3F with XLR-3M loop through, on/off termination switch (via software)
Four-Wire/Matrix Connection: 4 RJ-45 (Intercom 3 - 6)
Program Input: XLR-3F, transformer isolated, line-level input
Stage Announce Output: XLR-3M, transformer isolated, line-level output
Front-Panel Headset: 4-pin male connector with 2-channel capability and individual talks and listens
Front-Panel Display: 254 x 32 dot-graphic VFD
Front-Panel Indicators: 2 Talk LEDs for frontpanel headset, CH A and CH B partyline enable LEDs, Program Input enable LED, 10
individual antenna LEDs
Base-Station Programming/Editing: Push-to-enter rotary encoder
Dimensions: 1RU unit, 1.75 x 19.0 x 12.5 in (44 x 483 x 312 mm) (HxWxD)
Weight : 10.8 lbs (4.9 kg)
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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II-Base Review
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Perfect Solution
By Lau on15 /2/2016
Freespeak II Base Station is able to connect to Motorola walkie-talkie with the help of TW-47 Two-Way Radio Interface. However, do note that original Motorola audio adapter and connectors are required for this solution to work perfectly.

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