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Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Beltpack: Overview
The five-channel, full-duplex FreeSpeak II digital beltpack was uniquely designed for the rigorous demands of large-scale operations and continuous communication use. Ergonomic form factor, intuitive operation, and a rugged housing make the beltpack ideal for extended use. This beltpack operates in the 1.88 - 1.93GHz frequency band.

- Up to five communication routes per beltpack, each with a 5 or 10 character label
- Four programmable pushbuttons, two rotary encoders and a reply button
- Menu driven display, which can be partially or completely restricted
- Secure system - beltpacks are registered to a particular base station or Matrix
- Internal antenna - no antenna breakage or damage
- Long battery usage - typically 18 hours of continuous talk time
- Two battery options - rechargeable Li-Ion cells or disposable Alkaline AA Batteries
- Drop-in charging port with built-in USB battery and beltpack charging capability
- Strong metallic beltclip and shoulder strap points
- Over-the-air beltpack easy registration and regionalization
- Real-time monitoring of battery per beltpack
- "Listen Again" audio memory to replay last 15 seconds of audio
- Technician's flash light on rear
Clear-Com FreeSpeak II Beltpack Specifications
Audio Bandwidth: 200 Hz - 7.5KHz (G.722)
No. of Full-Duplex Audio Paths: Up to 5 with individual level control (2 pairs), 2 controls and a main volume
Mode of Operation: Full duplex on all routes
Level/Talk Controls: 4 pushbuttons, a reply button and 2 rotary controls
Enter / Answer-Back Button: 1
Frequency Spectrum: 1.88GHz - 1.93GHz DECT Cellular auto roaming technology
Range: Up to 1475ft (450m) in good radio frequency conditions, 800 feet typical
Battery: Li-Ion or 3 AA alkaline cells
Battery Charging: Drop-in charger (AC60) or local USB
Battery Life: 18+ hours with Li-ion; 6 hours with 3 x Alkaline AA cells
Headset Connector: 4-pin male, Clear-Com standard
Microphone Type: Electret and Dynamic, selectable in beltpack menu
Microphone Level and Headset Limiter: Selectable in beltpack menu
Headset Limiter: Selectable from beltpack menu
Environmental: IP-65 water and dust resistance; -67-degrees F to +158-degrees F (-55-degrees C to +70-degrees C)
Dimensions: Tapered design at largest points approx. 5 x 1.5 x 3.75 in (130 x 45 x 97 mm) (dwh)
Weight: 9.0 oz (0.4 kg) including batteries
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