3D Video Equipment

3D Video Equipment


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 3D Side By Side Rig

3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment    
MX-3DSXS   3D-StereoRig    
3D Side By Side Rig   Horizontal 3D Stereo Rig    


3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment
HXR-NX3D1 (Discontinued)   PMW-TD300 (Discontinued)   DEV-5 / DEV-5K (Discontinued)
3D Full HD Camcorder with ¼-inch Exmor R CMOS Sensors   3D Shoulder Camcorder with dual 3-chip 1/2-inch Exmor CMOS Sensors   Digital binoculars with HD video recording
(3D record mode)

3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment
LMD-2451TD   LMD-4251TD   MPE-200
24-inch High Grade 3D LCD Monitor   42-inch High Grade 3D LCD Monitor   Multi Image Processor


3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment
GY-HMZ1E (Discontinued)   GS-TD1   DT-3D24G1 (Discontinued
ProHD 3D camcorder   Full HD 3D camcorder   LCD 24" 3D HD Monitor

3D Video Equipment
  3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment 
GD-463D10   SR-HD1500   IF-2D3D1 
Professional 46inch 3D Display Monitor   Blu-Ray And HDD Recorder Combo Decks   3D Image Processor 

3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment
DLA-X3 (DLA-RS40)   DLA-X7 (DLA-RS50)   DLA-X9
Full HD 3D D-ILA Front Projector   Full HD 3D D-ILA Front Projector   Full HD 3D D-ILA Front Projector


Panasonic AG-3DA1   3D Video Equipment   3D Video Equipment
AG-3DA1   AG-3DP1   BT-3DL2550
Integrated Twin-lens
3D Camera Recorder AG-3DA
  3D P2 HD Shoulder-Mount
Camera Recorder
  Professional 25.5-inch
3D production monitor

 Convergent Design

Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q        
Odyssey 7Q        
Uncompressed HD Video Monitor / Recorder        

 BlackMagic Design

3D Video Equipment        
UltraStudio 3D        
Portable Thunderbolt based 3D capture and playback for SDI, HDMI and analog        

Convergent Design unveils nano3D

(April 9, 2010, Colorado Springs, CO) Building on the highly successful nanoFlash, Convergent Design unveiled today, nano3D, the world’s smallest professional 3D‐HD portable recorder/player. nano3D combines two nanoFlash recorders/players, for fully‐synchronized stereoscopic recording and playback. Additionally, nano3D can also be used for simultaneous off‐line/online (high quality + proxy modes) or redundant (2 identical masters) recording.

The diminutive size: 3”(H) x 4.2” (L) x 3.8”(W), lightweight (2 lbs), and lower power (12 W), makes nano3D an ideal choice for almost every 3D camera rig. nano3D utilizes the very high quality full‐raster 4:2:2 Sony MPEG2 CODEC, but extends the bit‐rate up to 280 Mbps for superb video quality. Compressed video and audio are stored on affordable Compact Flash media (now up to 64GB) in Quicktime or MXF file format, providing universal NLE support, including Avid, Final Cut Pro, Edius, Vegas and Premiere.

As a recorder, nano3D features dual HD‐SDI inputs as well as a LTC input for time‐code. nano3D supports a wide range of video formats, including 1080i60/50, 1080p30/25/24, and 720p60/50/30/25/24. I‐Frame only recording (up to 280 Mbps) guarantees that both the left and right frames are processed identically, for superior 3D rendering. Finally, up to 8‐channels of embedded audio per HD‐SDI stream can be recorded in uncompressed 24‐bit 48KHz format, enabling full HD 5.1 or 7.1 program creation.

As a playback device, nano3D offers the standard dual‐stream synchronized HD‐SDI output. However, what really sets nano3D apart, is the built‐in combiner function which merges the left and right video into one of the popular 3D formats such as side by side, top and bottom, or line by line. The merged video is output over a single HD‐SDI cable for display on professional 3D monitors. Furthermore, the addition of a low‐cost HD‐SDI to HDMI converter enables the 3D HD‐SDI stream to be displayed on consumer 3D TVs. This is important, as a large‐screen is considered essential for critical analysis of 3D material.

”The nano3D is a significant advance, since for the first time, a low‐cost 3D recorder / 3D playback solution will allow the immediate critical analysis of footage on‐set, allowing for an immediate confirmation that the scene was recorded properly. This will enable 3D projects to be shot with confidence”, said Dan Keaton, Director of Sales and Marketing for Convergent Design.

“nanoFlash revolutionized the market as an affordable high‐quality recorder that could be mounted‐on and powered‐by, your camera. nanoFlash continues to set the standard in terms of size, weight, power, and quality. We expect nano3D, with synchronized record / playback and built‐in stream combiner, will now revolutionize 3D production,” noted Mike Schell, President of Convergent Design.