Vocas MatteBox MB-430 

Vocas MatteBox and Lens Controller

Vocas MatteBox MB-430

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MatteBox for Production Cameras

 Vocas MatteBox MB-430

Packed with features that protect your camera and enhance creativity, the MB-430 matte box is designed as a 4"x5.65" matte box with all the unique Vocas features but at an economical price and is perfectly compatible with big lenses and the latest large sensor and 3D cameras.



Vocas MatteBox MB-430
Product Code: MB-430 (Item Code: 0400-0430)
Buy Sell Sales Vocas Mattebox MB-430


  • Two 4"x4" and 4"x5.65" combo filter frames, one rotatable.
  • A fixed 4"x5.65" filter compartment in the hood (3rd filter).
  • Integrated side flag hinges in the hood.
  • Internal eyebrows
  • Swing away option for 15mm and 19mm rails.
  • Fits directly on lens diameters up to 138mm.
  • Many step down adapter rings available including a new flexible adapter ring.


This mattebox comes standard with:
  • standard top flag (item #0430-0003) for MB-430
  • 2pc. Filter holder 150 mm wide combo 4"x4" / 4"x5,65" horizontal (item #0410-0010)




Flexible Adapter Ring

Flexible Adapter Ring (Item Code: 0420-0500)

This flexible adapter ring is equipped with a soft fabric cuff which can stretch around any lens with a diameter of up to 134mm

15mm LW bars adapter

15mm LW bars adapter (Item Code: 0460-0500)

This 15mm bars adapter attaches directly to the MB-430 matte box and allows the matte box to be supported by any standard 15mm lightweight rail support. The bars adapter locks to the 15mm rails using the Vocas quick lock system and is adjustable in height.

Side Flag Kit

Side Flag Kit (Item Code:0440-0002)

This side flag kit contains left and right side flags and the medsium wide top flag (0430-0004) for the MB-430 matte box. Because the MB-430 has integrated side hinges with the pattented Vocas flag fixation method, the side flags can be secured tightly so they stay put in even the most demanding environment.

15mm LW Swing Away Bracket

15mm LW Swing Away Bracket (Item Code: 0460-0600)

This swing away bracket attaches directly to the rear of the MB-430 matte box and allows the user to mount the matte box onto 15mm lightweight rails. When twisting the red knob of the swing away, the matte box moves forward and releases from it's locked position, allowing the user to swing the matte box away from the lens.
This swing away bracket can also be fitted with a 19mm rails adapter, allowing the MB-430 to be used on the standard 19mm rails.


Filter Frame

Filter Frame 5.65"x5.65" and 4x5.65" Vertical Combo for MB-430 (Item Code: 0410-0011)

Filter frame 150mm 5,65"x5,65" and 4x5.65" vertical combo for MB-430

Filter Frame

Filter Frame 5"x5"(Item Code: 0410-0012)

Filter frame 5"x5" for MB-430


138mm to 114mm Adapter Ring

138mm to 114mm Adapter Ring (Item Code: 0420-0510)

138mm to 114mm stepdown ring for the MB-430.

138mm to 134mm Adapter Ring

138mm to 134mm Adapter Ring
(Item Code: 0420-0520)

138mm to 134mm adapter ring for the MB-430.

138mm to 136mm Adapter Ring

138mm to 136mm Adapter Ring (Item Code: 0420-0530)

138mm to 136mm adapter ring for the MB-430.

Top Flag MB-4XX Medium

Top Flag MB-4XX Medium (Item Code: 0430-0004)

Top flag for MB-4XX Medium

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