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Digital High definition and standard definition i.Link interface for non-linear editing and dubbing, component outputs for multi-format playback.
SD card for capturing stills from tape and transferring them to PC by USB.

The World's smallest portable digital Hi-Def HDV player / recorder supports your creative activities all the way.

Out in the field, back in your editing suite or making a presentation, the CU-VH1 is an ideal companion to enhance the JY-HD10 and GR-HD1 Digital Hi-Def (HDV) Video Cameras. It plays MPEG HD, SD and DV format Mini DV tapes and also stores Hi-Def JPEG still on memory cards from tape. Easily check results in the field, right on its LCD monitor.

Thanks to i.Link IEEE 1394 recording and component output, CU-VH1 supports HDV or other editing systems with 2 way digital dubbing. Component analog output assures flexibility. Whether your display is a large screen projector or a convenient NTSC monitor or TV, JVC CU-VH1 supports your creativity.

The CU-VH1 from JVC. 


  • True HD recording (720/30p) or SD recording (480/60p) via IEEE-1394 input
  • Versatile playback (720/30p, 480/60p, or 480i) at various rates including 1080i
  • Adheres to the HDV format (industry standard)
  • Down converts HD to 480i for playback on standard monitors
  • Built-in 3.5-inch LCD display
  • Digital dubbing via IEEE-3394 (both MPEG2 and DV)
  • SD Memory card still capture of HD footage
  • Professional construction with BNC connectors
  • Included rechargeable battery, AC Adapter/Charger

Multi-format playback capability

The CU-VH1 plays back multi-format signals including 720/30P (MPEG-2), 480/60P (MPEG-2) and 480/60i (DV).

It plays any footage recorded by the GR-HD1 or JY-HD10 and HDV camcorders.


Playback memory card images

View images stored on the memory automatically as a slideshow.


Digital Recording

To and from video equipment via i.LINK (digital to digital)

Losslessly dub digital content recorded in HDV 720/30p, SD 480/60p and DV to other JVC HD cameras and

CU-VH1 or D-VHS decks through the i.LINK connection.

The player/recorder also dubs MPEG-2 HDV or SD from copy free D-VHS tapes dubbed previously.

To and from a personal computer

i.LINK and USB connectors provide versatile interfacing with personal computers. Via i.LINK, you can capture HD

and SD MPEG-2 source material on to a computer for playback or non-linear MPEG-2 editing from HDD.

Naturally, DV recordings and digital stills can also be transferred to a computer through i.LINK. You can also

easily drag-and-drop digital stills or other memory card content into a PC through USB cable connection. Since

i.LINK is two-way, you can dub edited video from the computer back to the CU-VH1 as well.


Playback up/down-conversion

The CU-VH1 frame doubles 30 frame-per-second 720/30p HD recordings for viewing on Progressive 720/60p analog HD monitors, or if required, converts 480/60p or 720/30p signals to 1080/60i HD. To view on progressive or NTSC monitors, down convert to either 480/60p or 480/60i. You can connect directly to the latest HDTV displays or regular NTSC monitors or TVs, whichever is available, 16:9 HD, SD or DV footage can be played in 16:9 mode or 4:3 letterbox mode. (See chart on overleaf)

To or from NTSC VCRs or video )( Analog I/O, digital recording)

Switch the S-Video, composite and audio connectors to output, connect to a VCR, and dub an HD/SD or DV

source cassette in analog to an NTSC video deck. Dub to a professional deck using the component output. Switch the S-Video, composite and audio connectors to input, and dub from an NTSC source, an NTSC VCR, for example, onto a digital MiniDV cassette in the player/recorder. Easy conversion from digital to analog

and vice versa expands your content distribution capability

To an SD memory card

Capture progressive JPEG still pictures from pre-recorded tapes to a memory card at image sizes of 1280 x 720

pixels (HD), 848 x 480 pixels (SD) or 640 x 480 pixels (DV).


Convenient DV Mode Playback features

Frame-by-frame playback search during video playback

Slow-motion playback search in either direction

Playback zoom magnifies the recorded image up to 20x during video and still file playback.

Playback special effects add creativity including CLASSIC FILM, MONOTONE, SEPIA and STROBE.

Dub audio onto the auxiliary audio track of tapes recorded in 12-bit SP mode.


Protected Multi-interfaceFlexibility

Component (Y, Pb, Pr) BNC outputs with supplied RCA adapters, S-Video, composite and audio I/O and

LINK IEEE 1394 and USB I/O are protected by guard bars and a rugged cover. The SD Memory Card / MultiMediaCard slot, microphone jack and headphone jack are similarly protected.

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