Panasonic AJ-HPM200E

Panasonic AJ-HPM200E

Memory Card Recorder / Player (P2 mobile)

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 Panasonic AJ-HPM200E Memory Card Recorder / Player (P2 mobile)

Panasonic AJ-HPM200
Product Code: AJHPM200E
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With new editing and recording functions, expanded AV/IT connectivity and optional AVCHD support, the new AJ-HPM200 P2 HD Mobile field is the most versatile 10-bit, independent frame, 4:2:2 quality HD field recorder and can be used with virtually any camera.

The HPM200 offers all of the popular features found in its predecessor, the AJ-HPM110, and adds new functionality including: enhanced cuts editing with separate source and record windows, full-frame rate playback from external disk drives, AVCHD compatibility (with the AJ-YCX250G option card), up-conversion of live video inputs in real time, e-Sata and Giga-bit Ethernet interfaces for expanded network connectivity and 24p Time Code input for production applications, including use as a source for a traditional dailies process.

The HPM200's ability to record in master-quality AVC-Intra (100/50) as well as DVCPRO HD/50/25 and DV gives it the flexibility to be used at the center of any production, from tape-based digital cameras to high-end cinema cameras with 1080/24PsF output. And now with optional AVCHD compatibility, the HPM200 gives professionals a simple, easy-to-use solution for managing HD content for distribution, storage and playback using SD memory cards. Professionals can play AVCHD files directly from an SD card using the unit's SD slot, convert P2 content to AVCHD for low bit rate distribution over a network, convert AVCHD to P2 to edit in a P2 project, and record P2 and AVCHD simultaneously for backup or distribution (perfect for dailies).

New e-Sata and Giga Ethernet interfaces allows users to playback and edit content directly from hard disk drives and share files across FTP networks faster, whether working with high resolution P2 or lower-bit rate AVCHD. Additional features added include: upconversion of live video inputs in real time, full frame rate playback from external disks, 24p Time Code input for production applications, including use as a source for a traditional dailies process.

The versatile HPM200 is ideal for a wide range of applications including broadcast (transitioning ENG users to HD field production), sports trucks, live events, studio and post production, and more.


• 10-bit independent frame 4:2:2 quality recording in multiple HD/SD formats and frame rates, including 1080p (native), 1080i and 720p
• Up/down/cross conversion functions and real time up-conversion of live video inputs
• Full-frame rate playback from external disk drives (via eSata)
• Six P2 card slots - long record times up to 16 hours
• Expanded I/O interfaces: HD-SDI input/output, analog component/composite and audio, IEEE 1394 and USB2.0, plus compatible AES Digital audio inputs/outs, high-speed eSATA and Giga-bit Ethernet (GigE)
• RS-422A for remote control operation
• Built-in waveform monitor
• Enhanced editing and recording features such as clip exchange, multiple clip selection, undo/redo last action, auto record, loop record, and text memo
• Built-in 9-inch LCD monitor with clip thumbnail preview for on-the-spot access to content for previewing, shotmarking and insert editing
• Outstanding benefits of P2 solid-state recording including ultra-fast IT workflow and no-moving-parts reliability, ideal for use in harsh environments
• Eight 16-bit digital audio channels with 5.1-channel surround sound and audio faders; two-channel voice over recording; also allows for real time adjustment of audio during playback
• Lightweight, compact design. Folds flat for easy transport and storage (weight: 14.4 pounds). AC/DC operation
• Optional AJ-YCX250G AVCHD option card available separately
• 5-year warranty (1-year regular, plus 4 years extended upon product registration)
• Supports VDCP commands via RS-422 to supply a clip list to a controller
• Recognizes a newly-inserted P2 card during playback
• Available NOW

Power Source: AC 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz/60 Hz 60W
DC 12 V/4.8 A
Operating Temperature: 0° C to 40° C (32 ° F to 104 ° F)
Operating Humidity: 10 % to 80 % (no condensation)
Weight: 6.6 kg (14.55 lbs)
Dimensions (W x H x D): 301 mm x 120 mm x 412mm
(11-7/8" x 4-3/4" x 16-1/4" )
Recording Format: AVC-Intra 100/AVC-Intra 50/DVCPRO HD/
DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO/DV/AVCHD*1 selectable
Recording Video Signal: 1080/59.94i, 1080/23.98p, 1080/24p,1080/29.97p,
1080/25p, 1080/50i,
720/59.94p, 720/50p, 480/59.94i, 576/50i
Recording Audio Signal: AVC-Intra100/AVC-Intra50/DVCPRO HD: 48 kHz 16 bits 8 CH
DVCPRO50: 48 kHz 16 bits 4 CH
DVCPRO/DV: 48 kHz 16 bits 2/4 CH selectable
Recording Media: P2 card
Recording/Playback Time*2-AVC-Intra100/DVCPRO HD: By single card
64 GB Card Approx. 64 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 32 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 16 min.
Using 6 card slots [AVC-Intra100/DVCPRO HD]
64 GB Card Approx. 384 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 192 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 96 min.
Recording/Playback Time*2-AVC-Intra 50/DVCPRO 50: By single card
64 GB Card Approx. 128 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 64 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 32 min.
Using 6 card slots [AVC-Intra 50/DVCPRO 50]
64 GB Card Approx. 768 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 384 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 192 min.
Recording/Playback Time*2-DVCPRO/DV: By single card
64 GB Card Approx. 256 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 128 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 64 min.
Using 6 card slots [DVCPRO/DV]
64 GB Card Approx. 1,536 min.
32 GB Card Approx. 768 min.
16 GB Card Approx. 384 min.
Digital Video - Sampling Frequency - AVC-Intra 100/DVCPRO HD: (59.94 Hz): Y:74.17586 MHz, PB/PR:37.0879 MHz
(50 Hz): Y:74.2500 MHz, PB/PR:37.1250 MHz
DVCPRO 50: Y:13.5 MHz, PB/PR:6.75 MHz
DVCPRO: Y:13.5 MHz, PB/PR:3.375 MHz
Digital Video - Quantizing: AVC-Intra 100/AVC-Intra 50: 10 bits
Digital Video - Compression Format: AVC-Intra 100/AVC-Intra 50: H.264/AVC Intra Profile
DVCPRO HD: DV-Based Compression (SMPTE 370M)
DVCPRO 50/DVCPRO: DV-Based Compression (SMPTE 314M)
DV: DV Compression (IEC61834-2)
Color Sampling: AVC-Intra100: Y:PB:PR = 4:2:2
Resolution: AVC-Intra 100:
1920 x 1080 (1080/59.94i, 1080/50i)
1280 x 720 (720/59.94p, 720/50p)
AVC-Intra 50:
1440 x 1080 (1080/59.94i, 1080/50i)
960 x 720 (720/59.94p, 720/50p)
Analog Composite Input: BNC × 1 (VIDEO IN), 1.0 V[P-P] (75 Ω )
Reference Input: BNC x 1 (loop-through x 1), Black Burst/HD 3 value SYNC, 75 Ω auto
SDI (HD/SD) Input: BNC x 1, serial digital component
HD Serial Digital: SMPTE 292M/296M/299M standard
SD Serial Digital: SMPTE 259M-C/272M-A standard
ITU-R BT.656-4 standard
SD Analog Composite Output: BNC x 1
SDI (HD/SD) Output: BNC x 1, serial digital component
HD Serial Digital: SMPTE 292M/296M/299M standard
SD Serial Digital: SMPTE 259M-C/272M-A standard
ITU-R BT.656-4 standard
Output Gain: - ∞ to + 3 dB or - ∞ to + 6 dB
Chroma Output Gain: - ∞ to + 3 dB
Chroma Phase: ± 30°
Setup Level: ± 10%
Sink Phase: ± 15 μs
SC Phase: ± 180°
Digital Audio -Sampling Frequency: 48 kHz (sync video)
Digital Audito -Quantizing: 16 bits
Digital Audio - Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz, ± 1.0 dB (reference level)
Digital Audio - Dynamic Range: More than 85 dB (1 kHz, emphasis off, "A" weighted)
Digital Audio - Distortion: Less than 0.1% (1 kHz, emphasis off, reference level)
Digital Audio - Cross Talk: Less than - 80 dB (1 kHz, between 2 channels)
Digital Audio - Headroom: 20/18/12 dB switchable
Digital Audio - De-emphasis: T1=50 μsec, T2=15 μsec (on/off auto)
Audio (Analog) Input: XLR x 4 (CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4),
600Ω /high-impedance switchable,
+4/0/- 3/ - 20 dBu switchable
LINE/MIC/MIC+48V switchable at CH2
MIC: - 60 dBu, MIC+48 V: Phantom +48 V, - 60 dBu
Audio (Analog) Output: XLR x 4 (CH1/CH2/CH3/CH4), low-impedance, +4/0/- 3/ - 20 dBu switchable
Digital Input: BNC x 2 (CH1/2, CH3/4), AES/EBU format SMPTE 276M
SDI Output: BNC x 1
HD Serial Digital: SMPTE 292M/296M/299M standard
SD Serial Digital: SMPTE 259M-C/272M-A standard
ITU-R BT. 656-4 (576/50i) standard
Monitor Output: Pin jack x 2, - 8 dBV, 600 Ω
Headphones: Stereo mini jack (3.5 mm diameter), 8 Ω , variable level
Time Code Input: BNC × 1, 0.5 V[P-P] to 8.0 V[P-P], 10 k Ω
Time Code Output: BNC × 1, 2.0 V[P-P] ± 0.5 V[P-P], low impedance
RS-422A Input: D-sub 9pin, RS-422A Interface
IEEE 1394 Input/Output: 6-pin x 1, 400/200/100 Mbps switchable
IEEE 1394-1995 standard
IEC 61883-Part1, Part2 standard
SMPTE 396M standard
AV/C Command Set standard
USB2.0: Host x 1, Device x 1
LAN: 1000BASE-T/100BASE-TX/10BASE-T x 1
eSATA: eSATA 3Gbit port x 1
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