Vinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods

Vinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods

Vinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods

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Vinten HDT Heavy Duty TripodsVinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods
Vinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods

Vinten HDT Heavy Duty Tripods

3901-3 Product Code: 39013 Buy Sell Sales Vinten 3901-3 Tripod
3902-3 Product Code: 39023 Buy Sell Sales Vinten 3902-3 Tripod
Offering the most extensive height range available from heavy duty tripods the HDT-1 single-stage and HDT-2 two-stage models also feature increased torsional rigidity and robustness - ideal for large camera and lens combinations in any studio or OB application.

The pinned and glued telescopic leg design provides a wide range of height adjustment whilst offering superior strength and reliability. Set up has been made even simpler with the addition of engraved leg markings for rapid, even deployment and an integral level bubble allows for fine level adjustment. The new clamping system provides progressive feel to a positive stop which indicates when the leg is locked, ensuring simple and confident clamping.

Whatever the terrain, the HDT’s three-position swivel foot ensures a stable base. Choose from an increased length spike for soft surfaces, self-levelling pad for harder surfaces or a socket to fit all Vinten skids and floor spreaders. The mid-level spreader is supplied as standard and ensures that the HDT is a convenient and stable option for any application. The single piece, fixed length design of the spreader offers exceptional strength and robustness, and is simple to use and remove when necessary.

The HDT systems take care of even the smallest details; captive bolts ensure that filming is never disrupted and an integral carry handle provides confortable and easy repositioning.

Combined with the Vision 250 or Vector range, these systems provide maximum control and flexibility wherever the next location may be.
· Totally new single piece mid level spreader for added strength
· Integral carry handle for carrying comfort
· Convenient set up features - Leg markings for easy height positioning and leveling bubble
· Industry Standard combined 4-bolt and Mitchell interface
· Three-position swivel foot – Spike (excellent for wet ground), pad and socket for all applications

Model Height Range Transport Length Weight Max. Load
3901-3 HDT-1 Single-Stage Tripod 59 to 123 cm / 23.2 to 48.4 " 78 cm / 30.7 " 13.9 kg / 30.6 lbs 140 kg / 308.6 lbs
3902-3 HDT-2 Two-Stage Tripod 51.1 to 146 cm / 20.1 to 57.5 " 73 cm / 28.7 " 15.6 kg / 34.4 lbs 120 kg / 264.5 lbs


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