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AWSG500E Anycast Station

Features AWS-G500E
Sony Live Content Producer
AWS G500E Anycast Station

This model is discontinued, pls refer to new model AWS-750

Flexible Video Input Configurations

The AWS-G500E has three slots for optional modules located on the rear panel. A variety of optional interface modules ranging from SD to HD are available, allowing users to configure the system exactly as required.
What’s more, the AWS-G500E allows each input on these modules to be assigned to any one of the primary inputs via simple menu settings.

Optional Modules

BKAW-570 SD Video Interface Module
BKAW-580 Serial Digital Interface Module
BKAW-581 Serial Digital Interface Module
BKAW-560 HD Video Interface Module
BKAW-590 HD SDI Module
BKAW-550 PC Video Interface Module


Sony AWSG500E Non config all in one producer Switcher
Sony is pleased to introduce the AWS-G500E Anycast Station Live Content Producer. In a nutshell, this is a mobile, multimedia production truck in a unit the size of an attache case. Whenever or wherever there is a need to run small scale live events, just hook up cameras and microphones, switch the power on and you're ready to run the show. This new model does not include any interface modules. The need for full diversity in configurations, either in SD or HD, has prompted the release of this product. Now users can configure the Anycast Station to better suit their application with added savings.

The Anycast Station™ Live Content Producer AWS-G500E is a solution that combines decades of Sony AV expertise together with industry-leading IT technology.
Designed as a powerful content creation tool for live event programming, it is comprised of a high-quality video switcher, an audio mixer, a large LCD display, Text Typing Tool software, and a streaming encoder and server - all packed into an attaché case-size chassis weighing only about 17 lb 10 oz (8 kg)*.

To accommodate today’s growing needs to integrate video, audio, and a variety of PC input sources in live events, the AWS-G500E provides a comprehensive set of AV and IT inputs.The AWS-G500E is flexible in terms of configuration to suit the exact needs of each particular user in terms of inputsignals. A wide variety of optional modules for input sources are provided such as SD, HD, and PC video signals.In addition, Sony has introduced the new optional BKAW-581 Serial Digital Interface Module, which specializes in SDI input and output (480i/59.94, 576i/50), as well as supporting embedded audio. This module is an affordable solution for customers who require an SD setup, and is especially beneficial for studio and live shooting applications. If customers wish to upgrade to an HD configuration as their needs grow, they can simply replace the BKAW-581 with an optional HD interface module.
The AWS-G500E performs the unique processing that allows live switching between these video and computer sources without the use of external line converters and without degrading picture quality. When it comes to program delivery, the AWS-G500E is also very flexible. Straight from the AWS-G500E, the user can feed programs to a TV transmitter for live broadcast, record onto tape, feed the switched program output directly to large venue displays, store input sources and a PGM output to external hard disk drives, and stream the program on the web on a live or on-demand basis.
The AWS-G500E also includes beneficial Text Typing Tool software as standard, which allows operators to easily generate still text for superimposition on the program output.
With all these unique features, plus a logical design for ultimate ease of use, the AWS-G500E combined with a wide range of optional modules is a powerful tool that can be used by anyone, anytime, and anywhere - for remote television broadcast operations, church productions, product promotions, event and live staging, music clip creation, conferences, seminars, and distance learning. Just plug in the power cord, turn on the power, and deliver the program.

HD and SD capable
All-in-one design
Integrated robotic camera control
Streaming encoder and streaming server
Text typing tool
Ideal for: Houses of Worship, Product Promotions, Corporate Videos, Live Event Staging, Sales/Education Conferences & Seminars, Live Remote Broadcasting & Cablecasting!

Supplied Accessories

Operating Instructions: Printed manual, CD-ROM
Keyboard: 85 keys + Pointer / Infrared communication / Powered from AWS-G500E: + 5 V / Battery operation: CR2032 or CR2032H

AWS G50 Anycast Station

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