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AZDEN Other Parts, Cables, Etc.
Azden MM-1

MM-1 cable for 111R VHF receiver
MM-1 mini mono-to-mini mono cable for 111R VHF receiver.

Azden Mono to Mono Cable

Replacement Cable - MONO-to-MONO for WDR-PRO

Model: MM-1

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Model: MONO-to-MONO

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Azden MX-1

MX-1 Balanced Cable
Cable - MX-1 - converts 3.5mm jack to XLR balanced for the 300UPR, WDR-PRO and/or 111R (mini-to-XLR).

Azden MX-2

MX-2 Mini to dual XLR
Replacement Stereo mini-to-dual XLR cable for the 200UPR 329UPR and/or the WR22-PRO

Model: MX-1

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Model: MX-2

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Azden PC-1J

PC-1J Cable for 1000URX & JVC Cameras
Replacement Cable - PC-1J (for 1000URX and JVC cameras)

Azden PC-1P PC-1P Cable for 1000URX & Panasonic Cameras
Replacement Cable - PC-1P (for 1000URX and Panasonic cameras)
Model: PC-1J

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Model: PC-1P Email Us
Azden PC-1S PC-1S Cable for 1000URX & Sony Cameras
Replacement Cable - PC-1S (for 1000URX and Sony cameras)
[Image not Available]

Replacement for CM-20D (CM-MC)
Replacement cable for the CM-20D collar mic. RCA-to-mini plug.

Model: PC-1S Email Us Model: CM-MC Email Us
[Image not Available]

Replacement for CM-20DH (CM-HC)
Replacement cable for the CM-20DH collar mic. RCA-to-Hirose plug.

Azden Stereo to Mono STEREO-to-MONO Cable
Replacement Cable - STEREO-to-MONO for 100UPR, 300UPR, CAM-3 and/or WR22-PRO
Model: CM-HC Email Us Model: Stereo to Mono Email Us
[Image not Available] Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini
Stereo mini-to-Stereo mini cable for SGM-X shotgun microphone.
Azden Earphone Monitor Earphone Monitor
Replacement earphone monitor for the WMS-PRO, W/LX-PRO, WHX-PRO and other receivers that have a 3.5mm monitor jack.
Model: Stereo Mini to Stereo Mini Email Us Model: Earphone Monitor Email Us
Azden Hook & Loop fastener

Hook & Loop fastener
Replacement hook and loop fastener for FMX-2, FMX-20, FMX-32, FMX-42, 200UPR, 500UDR, 1000URX and 400UDR.

Azden Hook & Loop & Fastener

Hook & Loop fastener
Replacement hook-and-loop mounting tape for all PRO series and CAM-3.

Model: Hook & Loop fastener Email Us Model: Hook & Loop fastener Email Us
Azden Beltclip

Belt Clip
Replacement belt clip for FMX-20

Azden 4-pin Hirose

4-Pin Hirose
Miscellaneous - male 4-pin Hirose connector for most Azden UHF bodypack transmitters.

Model: Belt Clip Email Us Model: 4-Pin Hirose Email Us
Azden Anti Roll Ring

Anti Roll Ring
Replacement Anti-roll ring for the 31HT and WM/T-PRO

Azden 1HR-3U

1HR-3U Rechargeable Battery
Rechargeable NiMH "AA" battery for use in the IRN-10, IRH-15c, IRH-56, IRB-56, IRB-10c, IRC-51, IRC-56,IRC-22, 320UPR and 325UPR. These are specially prepared to trigger the safety interlock that stops these transmitters and receives from attempting to recharge regular (non-rechargeable) batteries.

Model: Anti Roll Ring Email Us Model: 1HR-3U Email Us


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