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Wisycom RPU300

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Wisycom RPU300
Product Code: RPU300
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RPU 300 is the ideal tools for your ENG reporter crews. The units is composed of:
a high power transmitter is suitable for covering distance up to several kilometers (more than 10km in line-of-sight) with broadcast audio quality and great reliability;
a receiver used as talk-back channel.

RPU 300 can come with long lasting (up to 7 hours) lithium rechargeable battery or with the standard lead type.

• Main channel TX (broadband):
16 switchable frequencies in either of following ranges:
- VHF (130 ? 250 MHz) - RPU 300-VU
- UHF (330 ? 880 MHZ) - RPU 300-UU
• Talk-back channel RX (narrowband):
16 switchable frequencies in following range:
- UHF (400 ? 520 MHz) (It is necessary to keep the minimum distance from TX)
• Easy PC frequency-reprogramming by the user (in the pre-set switching-window).
• Rapid factory frequency re-allocation (in the whole working-range).
• Exceptional compact size.
• Very easy and friendly to operate.
• High transmitter power output.
• Very long battery-lifetime, its precise measuring and remote indication.
• Optional PTT push-button allowing the reporter to remote-switch the stationary receiver AF line-output and speak off-line with the base station.
• Wisycom exclusive digital sub-carrier technology prevent any degrading of the modulation quality or reduction pf the audio bandwidth for the features:
- remote TX battery monitoring
- tone-squelch (or "intercom" PTT) operating
• Exceptional sturdiness and absolute reliability
• The most advanced RF and AF technologies assures the maximum connecting security even with weak and interfered signals


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