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Welcome to Zoom Corporation. We are an audio company distributing products in the USA, UK, and Germany. Among the popular products, we manufacture include effect pedals for guitars and basses, drum machines, and recording equipment such as handheld recorders, and audio for video solutions. If this is your niche, then you can rely on our products to make your work easier and of superb quality. Discussed below, are some of the audio equipment we have in stock.

Zoom Recorders and Accessories

Zoom LiveTrak L-8 Digital Mixer / Recorder  Zoom LiveTrak L-20 Digital Mixer / Recorder  Zoom LiveTrak L-20R Digital Mixer / Recorder Zoom LivTrak L-12 Digital Console 
Zoom LiveTrack L-8 Zoom LiveTrack L-20 Zoom LiveTrack L-20R Zoom LiveTrak L-12

Digital Mixer / Recorder

Multitrack Field Recorder

Digital Mixer / Recorder

Digital Mixer

Zoom H3-VR  Zoom F8n  Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder
Zoom H3-VR Zoom F8n Zoom H1n Zoom Q2n

360° Virtual Reality Audio Recorder

Multitrack Field Recorder

High-quality X/Y Stereo microphone Recorder

Handy Video Recorder

Zoom F1-LP Field Recorder with Lavalier Mic  Zoom F1-SP Field Recorder with Shotgun Mic  Zoom F8 Multitrack Recorder Zoom F4 Multitrack Recorder
Zoom F1-LP Zoom F1-SP Zoom F8 Zoom F4

Two-Channel Field Recorder with lavalier mic

Two-Channel Field Recorder with shotgun mic

Multitrack Field Recorder

Multitrack Field Recorder

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Zoom H5 Handy Recorder Zoom H4n Pro Handy Recorder Zoom H2n Handy Recorder
Zoom H6 Zoom H5 Zoom H4n PRO Zoom H2n

Handy Recorder

Handy Recorder

Handy Recorder

Handy Recorder

Zoom H1 Handy Recorder
Zoom iQ7 Stereo Microphone Zoom iQ6 Stereo Microphone Zoom iQ5 MS Stereo Microphone
Zoom H1 Zoom iQ7 Zoom iQ6 Zoom iQ5

Handy Recorder

Stereo Microphone iOS

XY Stereo Microphone iOS

MS Stereo Microphone iOS

Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder Zoom Q4n Handy Video Recorder Zoom Accessories Zoom H6 Handy Recorder Singapore
Zoom Q8 Zoom Q4n Accessories Zoom H8

Handy Video Recorder

Handy Video Recorder

Zoom Recorder Accessories

Handy Recorder

Zoom handy digital voice recorder H5
This handy portable recorder has a lot of features which the flagship Zoom H6 audio recorder has the most prominent are the modular design. You can use removable Zoom input capsules on this one to change the input system and microphones. It also features an X/Y design for microphones to achieve quality sound recording.

Besides the X/Y Stereo Microphone Capsule, there are Zoom EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Input Capsule, Zoom MSH-6 Mid-Side Microphone Capsule, ZooM SGH-6 Shotgun Microphone Capsule and Zoom SSH-6 Stereo Shotgun Microphone Capsule to choose from, It has a 4 multitrack mode for recording four tracks simultaneously. An additional feature is shock mounted microphones with rubber to reduce vibrations and noise. If you want more track mode recording, then you should look at Zoom multitrack field recorders.

Zoom multitrack field recorders
Just in case four tracks on the Zoom H5 are not enough, you have the option of getting a quality audio recorder from Zoom with more tracks. These include the Zoom multichannel 6 channels field recorder F4 and the Zoom multichannel 8 channels field recorder F8. The Zoom F4 can record six individual tracks and is perfect for field recording. Other features include a metal build, a built-in time code, and a stereo mix. This recorder has mic preamps of excellent quality and a stereo mix feature.

The Zoom F8 has more features and is perfect for the professional. It has 8 channels for simultaneous recording although it can record 10 individual tracks. This is due to the stereo mix which offers two more tracks for simultaneous recording. Other features include 8 XLR inputs and a built-in timecode.

This recorder is great for video production and can be mounted on a DSLR camera. It price at almost a third of professional recorders for audio. It is also not bulky like other professional, high-quality audio recorders. It, however, lacks physical faders for preamps which it compensates using a mobile app to virtually adjust the faders. Looking for something more versatile? How about the Zoom quality audio recorder h6?

Zoom F6 Multitrack field recorder
This is the ultimate field professional recorder, coming with both 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters. While recording in the field, it may sometimes be difficult to balance and capture both loud and subtle sounds correctly. But that was exactly why the F6 was designed, its 32-bit float recording and dual AD recorders enabling it to record both sounds at the full audio quality. The Zoom F6 also comes with 6 inputs and a solid time code generating 0.22 ppm accuracy. The automatic Automix is also able to adjust your mix levels, diminishing ambient sound automatically. This is truly designed to be your secret weapon while recording.

Zoom LiveTrak L-8
The zoom LiveTrak L8 is the ultimate solution to mix, record, and monitor professional podcasts all in one portable product, a heaven-sent gift for the modern creator. It has all the special audio features for use by the podcast creator, combining Zoom's audio performance with podcast features. Remote interviews are also efficient with the L-8 allowing you to connect your phone through the provided TRRS cable or USB connection to get audio from Skype, Hangouts, Face time and so on. Its mix-minus functionality also filters echo and feedback from the caller, improving the quality of your recording.

Zoom H6 Handy Recorder
Meet the most versatile and handy recorder in Zoom H6. The package comes with 6 input capsules and advanced preamps to boost sound quality. The Zoom H6 is highly user-friendly, allowing you to control the levels of each of the 6 inputs and quality LCD for efficient monitoring. It is like having your very own portable music studio, with the 6 mic-level input and ability to dub reducing the time frame between a creative idea and an awesome track.

The Zoom H4n-Pro is yet another portable recorder ideal for musicians, coming with advanced X/Y mics, natural-sounding preamps, and cutting-edge effects. Among its features that enable musicians to efficiently record their music from start to finish, besides the X/Y microphones and effects are two combo input jacks, and overdubbing capability.

The H4n-Pro is available either in classic design, or you can also get one with an all-black finish at an extra cost. The product can record loud and heavy performances of up to 140 dB SPL with no distortion whatsoever. It features high performance, giving that professional touch with its low-noise mic preamps of recording resolutions of up to 24-bit/96 kHz.

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder
The Zoom H1n is another popular option for creators everywhere. Its X/Y microphones enable it to capture high-quality stereo sound and the one-touch button control making it all the more easy to use. It also has a 1.25 monochromatic LCD display that can be read in whatever lighting conditions. Your recording quality is also greatly improved by its advanced onboard limiter to give a distortion-free signal of up to 120dB SPL, and a low cut filter to kill any pops and low-frequency rumbles.

Zoom H3 VR Handy Recorder
The Zoom H3-VR is the ideal solution for individuals in virtual reality production; such as game developers, filmmaker, or musicians. This product has an inbuilt Ambisonic mic, a recorder, and a decoder, putting 360-audio within your grasp. Unlike before, when VR-audio production involved prolonged processes with a dedicated Ambisonic mic and separate recorder and computer to convert from Ambisonic A format to VR Ambisonic B, now this can be achieved in one package, thus reducing time, money, and the effort involved in the process.

The H3-VR also enables recoding audio for any reality, with its Ambisonic mic capturing 360-degree VR audio recordings up to 24 bit/96 kHz while also being able to record stereo binaural waves of up to 24 bit/48 kHz.

Zoom Q2n 4K Handy Recorder
The Q2n 4K recorder is the ultimate 4K camera for musicians and other media practitioners combining quality audio with crisp 4K imaging. It is easy to capture your full band or solo act using five field of view settings, and a 150-degree lens and color LCD to enable easy framing of the perfect shot. By just a touch of a button, the recorder captures a premium video of up to 4K Ultra HD resolution. The Q2n-4K X/Y stereo mic is deigned to record anything from saxophone to heavy metal, allowing you to sound as good as you play.

Frc 8 F Series Remote Controller
The Frc 8 F-control is the perfect partner for anyone using F8 or F4 Multitrack field recorder, giving you total command of your recording process. With the F-control, you achieve perfect mastery over the mixing and sound design of your F8 or F4. It uses USB connection for your F8 and F4, reducing clutter and enabling you to begin your recording within seconds. The system comes with nine 60mm faders, and hands-on input/output control to enable pan, track aiming, trim, and PFL. You are also able to monitor channel and output levels with 12-segment LCD meters, three user-programmable buttons, and a dedicated time code button.

Whatever your recording needs may be, you can rely on our Zoom products in your work. Contact our team today and get started on your modern digital production process.

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