Zoom Recorder Accessories

Zoom Recorder Accessories

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 Zoom Recorder Accessories

ZOOM AD-16  
Zoom AD-16
Product Code: AD-16
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ZOOM AD-16 DC9V AC Adapter

The ZOOM AD-16 is an AC power adapter designed for use with Zoom's effects pedals and rhythm machines.

Rated Input: AC100 - 240V
Rated Output: DC9V / 500mA (center negative)

ZOOM AD-14   
Zoom AD-14
Product Code: AD-14
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ZOOM AD-14 DC5V AC Adapter

Compatible products :
Zoom ARQ AR-96, H4n, H4n Pro, Q3, Q3HD, R16, R24

The ZOOM AD-14 is an AC power adapter designed for use with the ARQ AR-96, H4n, H4n Pro, R16, R24, Q3 or Q3HD.

Rated Input: AC100 - 240V
Rated Outpu: DC5V / 1A (center positive)

Zoom APQ-2n
Product Code: APQ-2n
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ZOOM APQ-2n Q2n Accessory Pack

Compatible products :
Zoom Q2n

The APQ-2n is an accessory pack for the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder that maximizes your video recording experience. It offers you a variety of recording tools so you can be prepared whenever creativity strikes.

APQ-2n includes:
- Padded-shell case for Q2n
- Hairy windscreen
- Tripod to mic stand adapter
- Lens cover
- Lens hood
- USB cable
- Tripod to three-prong action camera mount adapter

ZOOM APH-4nSP/APH-4n Pro  
Zoom APH-4nSP/APH-4n Pro
Product Code: APH-4nSP/Pro
APH-4nSP Buy Sell Sales Zoom APH-4nSP
APH-4nPro Buy Sell Sales Zoom APH-4n Pro

ZOOM APH-4nSP/APH-4n Pro Accessory Pack for H4n / H4n Pro

Compatible products :
Zoom H4n, H4n Pro

The APH-4nSP / APH-4n Pro is the perfect companion for your Zoom H4n / H4n Pro Handy Recorder.

APH-4NSP/APH-4n Pro Includes:
- Hairy windscreen
- Splitter cable
- Attenuator cable
- USB Cable
- AD-14 AC adapter

Zoom SCR-16
Product Code: SCR-16
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ZOOM SCR-16 Soft Carrying Case for R16/R24

Compatible products :
Zoom R16, R24

The SCR-16 is a soft carrying case for the R16 or R24 multi-track recorder. With the SCR-16, you can carry the R16/R24 with a laptop PC, mics, cables and other gear.

ZOOM PIXI Tripod  
Zoom Pixi Tripod
Product Code: PIXI TRIPOD
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ZOOM PIXI Tripod Mini Tripod for Zoom Handy Recorders

Compatible products :
Zoom Handy Recorders

The PIXI Tripod by Manfrotto is specially designed to work with Zoom Handy Recorders. The three-legged PIXI tripod stands at just above five inches tall, making it simple to carry to any location. Rubber feet and sturdy legs give it excellent grip. Its push-button locking mechanism lets you secure the ball head in any position. Plus, a universal ¼” screw thread makes it compatible with any Zoom Handy Recorder.

Zoom CBA-96
Product Code: CBA-96
Buy Sell Sales Zoom CBA-96

ZOOM CBA-96 Carrying Bag for AR-96

Compatible products :
Zoom AR-96

The CBA-96 is the perfect accessory product designed for the Zoom ARQ. It is a versatile, functional, stylish, and comfortable carry bag for Zoom Creators playing their ARQ at home as well as live on stage and in the studio.

The CBA-96 can also be used as a multi-purpose “backpack” to carry many other Zoom products and ready to fit laptops, iPad’s and useful accessories for the Zoom Creators on the move.

Zoom AIH-1
Product Code: AIH-1
Buy Sell Sales Zoom AIH-1

ZOOM AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder for U-Series

The AIH-1 Audio Interface Holder provides a simple and convenient way to mount your U-Series audio interface. With its clamp and binding unit, the AIH-1 lets you attach your U-22, U-24, or U-44 to any standard microphone stand or pole.

AIH-1 is designed for maximum flexibility, allowing you to use your U-Series interface on stage, at rehearsal spaces, or in your home studio.

Zoom MA-2
Product Code: MA-2
Buy Sell Sales Zoom MA2
ZOOM MA2 Tripod to Mic Stand Adapter

Compatible products :
Zoom Handy Recorders

The MA2 allows you to mount your Handy Recorder or Handy Video Recorder to a mic stand or boom with a standard mic clip—especially useful when capturing live performance onstage. Or use your Zoom device handheld with the MA2 to dramatically reduce handling noise.

Zoom PCF-4
Product Code: PCF-4
Buy Sell Sales Zoom APQ-2n

ZOOM PCF-4 Protective Case for F4/F8

Compatible products :
Zoom F4, F8

If you record with a Zoom F4 or F8 and need an easy way to carry it with your other gear, then the PCF-4 Protective Case is an essential for you to have in the field. Durable and lightweight, this water-resistant protective case is suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. It offers top, side, and bottom access to the unit as well as a clear-windowed top cover so you can monitor the recorder’s screen in all production conditions.

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