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Atomos CFast Cards 64GB, 128GB

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Atomos CFast Cards

Offer Atomos CFast Cards 64GB at best price Offer Atomos CFast Cards 128GB at best price
ATOMCFT064  Atomos CFast 1.0 80MB/s, 64GB Offer Atomos CFast Cards 64GB at best price
ATOMCFT128  Atomos CFast 1.0 80MB/s, 128GB Offer Atomos CFast Cards 128GB at best price
ATOMCFA001  Atomos CFast Card Reader Offer CFast Card Reader at best price


The brand most trusted for recording
In only 3 years, Atomos have set the benchmark for All-in-one Monitor Recorders, selling over 50,000 units worldwide & trusted by the major camera brands as an authorized accessory.

The same reliability and affordability designed into Atomos monitor recorders, has now been incorporated into a durable CFast 1.0 media resign.

Cfast 1.0 cards have been designed for Ninja Star pocket size ProRes recorder, but are also perfect for HD recording or applications where the faster speeds of CFast 2.0 are not required.

The speed of SATA 2 in the size of Compact Flash
Write speeds of up to 80MB/s- perfect for ProRes and HD recording.

Read speeds of up to 200MB/s- faster data transfer than conventional Compact Flash.

Test to perform in all conditions
Ensuring you start the Ninja Star and CFast card in ambient condition (inside), operating temperature can range from -25 to 45 degrees celcius ( -13 to 113 degrees fahrenheit)

At a glance



Size 64GB 128GB
CFast Version CFast 1.0
Write Speed 80MB/s
Read Speed 200MB/s
Operating Temperature -25 to 45 degrees Celsius
-13 to 113 degrees Fahrenheit


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