EVS Products

EVS Products

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EVS is one of the Pionner and leader in live OB digital video production systems. Its product has been used worldwide and most of the important live events are produced using its technology

Its products are intelligently crafted to be an uniqued recorders combining  with highly reactive applications, such as the slow motion  playback system, that has now become a standard worldwide.

EVS solutions are based on the most reliable and future-proof, proven server technology available and provides users the ability to take advantage of high-speed, real-time ingest, editing and enrichment of their content. EVS’ commitment to future-proof solutions means users can easily adopt 1080p and UHD/4K technologies as well as providing users with a pragmatic approach for the adoption of IP workflows with our IP4Live strategy

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 EVS Production Servers
EVS XT3 Production Server EVS GX Production Server EVS XS4K Production Server EVS XT4K Production Server


EVS XTNano Poruction Server EVS XS3    
XTNano XS3    
Production Servers
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EVS Production Servers
EVS XT3 Production and Media Server
EVS GX Fill and Key Playout Server
EVS XS4K Media Production Server
EVS XT4K Media Production Server
EVS XTNano Production Server
EVS XS3 Media Production Server