Panasonic AG-HMC82

Panasonic AG-HMC82

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AG-HMC82 Memory Card Camera-Recorder

Panasonic AG-HMC82

Product Code : AGHMC82EN
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A Tapeless Camera-Recorder That Meets the Needs of Professional HD/SD Multi-Format Recording.

Atomos  Monitor/ Recorder and Video Converter

Atomos  Monitor/ Recorder and Video Converter
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Atomos Connect

Atomos Connect
HDMI/HD-SDI Digital Video Converter

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A Tapeless Camera-Recorder That Meets the Needs of Professional HD/SD Multi-Format Recording.
The multi-format AG-HMC80 series records in both AVCHD (HD) and DV (SD) formats onto SD/SDHC Memory Card. This tapeless camcorder features a 12x optical zoom lens, Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS), and a 1/4.1-inch, 3.05-megapixel (approx. 2-megapixels/effective image pixels), progressive 3MOS. In HD mode, the AVCHD format has twice the compression efficiency of MPEG-2 for superb image quality. Its exclusive PH mode allows exceptional quality recordings at a higher bit rate (max. 24 Mbps). SD mode records AVI files using the popular DV compression method. This file-based system enables effective use of existing DV compatible nonlinear editing systems. The AG-HMC80 series also features a shoulder-mount design that enables stable shooting, XLR audio input (with phantom microphone support), and a BNC component/composite image output terminal as standard equipment, for smooth compatibility with professional systems.

Full-HD (AVCHD) and SD (DV) Recording

  • 12x optical zoom lens with Optical Image Stabiliser (OIS), and user-settable Manual Focus Ring that can be
    assigned to iris or zoom

  • 1/4.1-inch 3.05-megapixel (approx. 2-megapixels/ effective image pixels), progressive 3MOS for high image

  • HD/SD multi-format recording (see table at below)

  • Professional High-quality (PH) mode for full-raster HD recording

  • AVI file recording with DV compression

  • Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)

  • Cine-Like Gamma function

  • Still-image shooting function (approx. 10.6-megapixels)

  • Repeat playback

  • Colour bars

  • Downconverted output (squeeze, letterbox, side crop)

Tapeless Recording with the Reliable, Efficient SD Memory Card

  • No transport mechanism! Solid-state recording for high durability and reliability against vibration and impacts

  • Inexpensive, readily available, reusable SD/SDHC Memory Cards

  • Records for 180 minutes (approx.) in the highest-quality (PH) mode, or 720 minutes (approx.) in extended (HE) mode when using a 32GB SDHC Memory Card

  • Thumbnail display on the viewfinder/monitor allows easy image confirmation and deletion.

  • Advanced tapeless recording functions, including pre-REC, interval REC, shot marker, and metadata*

  • Metadata is recorded in AVCHD mode only.

Versatile Interfaces, Professional Design

  • Shoulder-mount style for stable recording

  • Professional audio specifications include XLR audio input
    (2-channel input,mic/line switchable, +48V compatibility)

  • Waveform monitor display function on LCD display is ideal for checking luminance.

  • Large, tiltable viewfinder/monitor with eyecup

  • Digital zoom (2x,5x,10x)

  • Focus assist function (focus bar display, enlarged display)

  • Auto focus (with face detection function)

  • Zebra display and synchro-scan shutter function

  • Three user-assignable, shooter-customizable buttons

  • TC/UB recording compatibility

  • Time Date Stamp capability for legal deposition applications

  • USB 2.0 (B-type devices)

  • HDMI out (A-type device), analogue component out (BNCx3) composite out (BNCx1*), audio out (RCAx2)

  • Camera remote terminals (focus & iris control, REC start/stop & zoom control)

  • AVCCAM 3-year warranty repair program

  • 43mm Filter Diameter

  • 2640mAH battery is standard

  • Headphone Jack

  • External microphone jack (3.5-mm diameter)

  • DV connector (IEEE 1394 standard)

  • Built-in Stereo Microphone

  • BNC connector is switchable use between component and composite out





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