Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 (EW 112P G3) Bodypack Transmitter comes with an in-built infrared system

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The Sennheiser EW 112-P G3 (EW 112P G3) has established itself as one of the most popular portable wireless mic system being especially preferred for ENG/EFP applications. The model offers Six different wireless bandwidths for customers to purchase and these include A, B, C, D,E and G. This wireless mic system comes with a light and rugged metal housing for both its receivers and transmitters and this makes is light weight and a portable option. It is quite an economical option as it requires only 2xAA batteries to operate. The EW 112-P G3 (EW 112P G3) comes with an in-built infrared system that is used in synchronizing its frequencies.

For reporting teams seeking high sound quality and a flexible professional portable wireless mic system, this is a great option. It integrates some top features such as a near-invisible clip-on, an adaptive-diversity receiver, ME2 and is omni directional in transmitting its signals via a body pack transmitter. Although rugged in appearance, this model comes packed with great features and is an absolute steal.

Main Feature
Adaptive Diversity

With just a single glance of the EW 112P G3, the first thing or even perhaps the only thing to notice would be its antenna. You should, however, write this one off as a non-diversity system at your own risk. This model series features a technology that is referred to as adaptive diversity which basically defines the utilization of connected output cable as the other antenna and hence a diversity receiver. This concept of using the ground connection to link the mic's output and its second antenna greatly enhances the general reception and consequently, the reliability of the microphone.

Auto Lock
The EW 112P G3 includes an Auto Lock feature for use on transmitters. What this basically does is that it prevents accidental readjustments of settings during handling. With the mute switch, you can disable the mic in times where you need privacy. With a power output of 30mW, they are as reliable at close distance as it is for further distances as it comes with a great working range.

The Squelch
One of the core factors that separate this receiver from its competitors is its adjustable squelch. Although not heard from your audio, the EW 112P G3 receiver will always be listening to pilot tones sent by the transmitter. This pilot tone is important in ensuring that there exists connectivity between a transmitter and receiver. If it happens that the receiver no longer receives a pilot tone from the transmitter, the audio output is muted automatically. Now squelch defines the ability of the receiver to listen to a pilot tone from the transmittable. With the EW 112P G3, you can adjust squelch either by lowering or increasing it; it just depends on with what your needs are.

Tough Build and Power Options
If it were to be documented, the life of a belt pack would surely be found to be a rough one. To enhance its durability, the EW 112P G3 comes built with a tough metallic body to ensure that it can answer to the great demands while functioning in the field. The model comes with a great size backlit display system, orange in color. It basically operates on 2x AA batteries. The mic system can also use a BA 2015G2 rechargeable battery which would require you to obtain a spate L2015G2 charging station.

Other Features
Frequency Groups

Different geographical reasons experience different signal congestion levels and to counter this, the EW 112P G3 is available in 5 different frequency levels. Consider the signal traffic spectrum of the area you intend to use the system and choose the right frequency.

EW 112P G3 Kits
When buying an EW 112P G3 kit, you will be supplied with;
One piece of an ME-2 lavalier microphone
- A transmitter
- A receiver
- Output cables
- Mounting hardware
- Two pieces of AA batteries.

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 Sennheiser EW-112P G3 Review

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*** Admin *** 13 Jan 2017


With the new Frequency Dividend that is going in to kick in year 2008 in Singapore ( Other countries too ), the user must be aware of the frequency band selection that is allowable
You will need to check with your local authority which band is free to use for your wireless transmission. If you need help, please contact us for free consultation.
 It depends upon which country you are operating in, we will then advise accordingly.
In April 2016, the IDA of Singapore has already announced that  700 Mhz spectrum right (frequency of 694-806 MHz ) will be used by the new LTE mobile operators by 2018. As Singapore is moving forward to be fully digital  by then. We can envisage that the current users of the said frequency range will experience expected interferences. Thus it is right that we share this information as early as possible


*** Admin ***

The Sennheiser Ew-112P G3 series portable wireless mic system is one of the popular choice for most of the ENG/EFP applications. Five Frequency wireless Bandwidth are available for purchase, namely Band A,B,C,D,E,G.
The Rugged and light metal housing for both transmitter and receiver are handy and truly portable. Each device requires only 2 x AA battery to operate. Pairing or sync the frequency can be done thru its built in infra red


Struggling with choice

By Bigcat on 18/May/2016
Hi, I am still struggling with the choice of ew-112P G3 and Sony UPW-D11 any suggestion?

Complete Range
By Merlion on 01/2/2016

This is the only shop offer nearly complete frequency band to my selection, however many thanks I need only Band C or D

Frequency Restriction
By Yamamoto on 30/1/2016

In Japan we do not have the luxury of the EW-112P frequency Choice, it is restricted

Good price good Service
By Andrew Ang on 29/12/2015

I have been shopping around for the most competitive offer, not only I got the good price, I received good service
and I like your shop.

I learnt something
By Chris on 5/12/2015

Wah, In this shop, I learn what is Ew-112P, Ew-112 , Ew135P and Ew-100ENG, find out from them

Regional Presence
By Steven on 4/12/2015

Expandore has its Foot print and offices in Singapore, India, Philippines and Indonesia, to us
product' s support is our key concern, Many thanks for the support

When can I take advantage of the Trade-in offer?
By Expandore 01/10/2016

Do it now!
Sennheiser is offering this fabulous trade-in program from October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.
It's a great way of not only saving some money for your old wireless inventory, but it allows you to grab a genuine bargain – especially useful at this time of year. Whether you're a small business needing to purchase useful items with the tight budget or a school/government organisation who'd like to optimise the 'use-it-or-lose' nature of funding and budgets, end of the year is most certainly the right time to act.

The trade in price for the old microphones (of any brand) per set is based on the new Sennheiser microphones model being purchased,
- ew 100 G3 US$ 100 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- ew 300 G3 US$ 150 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- AVX US$ 150 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- ew 500 G3 US$ 200 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- 2000 Series US$ 400 excl. GST / All frequency ranges

Full details of the Sennheiser Trade-in?
By Expandore 02/10/2016

If you've got an existing unusable wireless system that sitting in your office or home, do you chuck it in the bin?

NO! Sennheiser is offering a trade-in for your old system. It does not matter what it is. It could be an old Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Wizycom, EV (ElectroVoice), Samson, Sony, Beyer Dynamic, Lectrosonic, Line 6 or other brand you can think of. All you need to do is bring it in to Sennheiser, and trade in when you purchase a new Sennheiser system from us.

More importantly, it won't be re-sold, nor can it end up being used for evil purposes. It will be disposed off in the environmentally way!

Any other rules?
By Admin 02/10/2016


Are there any other rules?
It's quite straightforward – you can hold onto your old wireless systems, and throw them out yourself with no trade-in bonus, OR you bring in the old system and turn it into a handsome cash back on your next purchase of Sennheiser wireless system.

Individual component
By George Tan 14/10/2016


Could I trade in the individual transmitters or receivers, purchased separately or in contractor bundles instead of the whole set? I was told to send the item to Sennheiser for their assessment and I probably could be rebated at half the system rebate value.

Frequencies Choice
By James Loh 4/11/2016


If I trade in my Sennheiser wireless microphone of A-Band frequency, am I restricted to buy only same Band A frequency wireless system in order to eligible for the trade in? Do you have the stock of all Bands

System eligibility
By Tan Keng Hock 4/11/2016


Which systems are eligible? ANY Sennheiser Evolution wireless system qualifies?


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