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We offers most affordable price and wide range of teleprompter suitable to be used in most conditions both outdoor and indoor studio application. With the increasing demand of this product, we are offering the high quality teleprompter at the most economical price. The widest range of entry-level teleprompters from the prompting experts, including 7”, 10”, 17”, iPhone, iPad & Tablet PC solutions at unbeatable prices.
We are one of the best re-seller in Singapore for Studio Telepromptes. We offer all kind of camera support products in reasonable price with the highest quality of services. We have always satisfied our customers and have fulfilled their needs. As we understand our customer’s thoughts and provide them with what they need.

When choosing a teleprompter, there are several factors to consider:

1. Type of teleprompter: There are two main types of teleprompters - software-based and hardware-based. Software-based teleprompters use an iPad or smartphone as the display, while hardware-based teleprompters use a dedicated monitor. Hardware-based teleprompters tend to be more expensive, but they offer better visibility and a more professional look.

2. Camera compatibility: Make sure the teleprompter you choose is compatible with your camera. Some teleprompters have adjustable brackets that allow them to fit a wide range of camera sizes, while others are designed to work with specific models.

3. Script control: Look for a teleprompter that allows you to easily control the speed and direction of the script. Some teleprompters come with built-in remote controls, while others can be controlled with a separate app or software.

4. Durability and portability: If you plan to use the teleprompter on location or in a mobile setup, consider the weight, size, and durability of the equipment.

5. Screen size: The larger the screen, the easier it will be to read the script. The size of the screen will depend on the distance between the camera and the teleprompter.

6. Reflective or non-reflective: Reflective teleprompters use a special beam splitter that reflects the script onto the camera lens, while non-reflective teleprompters use a special hood that surrounds the camera lens and display the script on a separate monitor. Reflective teleprompters are more versatile, but non-reflective teleprompters are more affordable.

7. Cost: Teleprompters can vary greatly in price, so decide on a budget before making a purchase.

 Videosolutions Teleprompters
VideoSolutions VSS21-PRO Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS19-PRO Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS-19S Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS-19L/VSS-19M Teleprompter





VideoSolutions VSS-19F Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS-17 Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS-20speech Teleprompter VideoSolutions VSS-10B/VSS-10B2 Teleprompter





VideoSolutions VSS-10T VideoSolutions VSPrompter3.0    


VS Prompter 3.0


DataVideo Teleprompters

Datavideo TP-650 Teleprompters Datavideo TP-150 Teleprompters Datavideo TP-300 Teleprompters DataVideo TP-500 DSLR Prompter



TP-300 TP-500
Buy Sell Sales Datavideo TP-650 Prompter Kit Datavideo TP-150 Teleprompter for PTZ Cameras Buy Sell Sales DataVideo TP-300 Teleprompter Kit Buy Sell Sales DataVideo TP-500 DSLR Prompter

Large Screen Prompter Kit for ENG Cameras

Teleprompter system dedicated to PTZ cameras

Tablet Prompter

DSLR Prompter

Datavideo TP-600 ENG Prompter Datavideo DVP-100 dv Prompter Pro Server    


Buy Sell Sales DataVideo TP-600 ENG Prompter Buy Sell Sales Datavideo DVP-100 dv Prompter Pro Server    

ENG Prompter

dv Prompter Pro Server


 Autocue Teleprompters

Buy Sell Sale Autocue Starter Series   Buy Sell Sale Autocue Professional Series   Buy Sell Sale Autocue Master Series
Starter Series   Professional Series   Master Series
The widest range of entry-level teleprompters from the prompting experts, including 7”,10”,17”, iPhone, iPad & Tablet PC solutions, at unbeatable prices. Join the tens of thousands of customers already using Autocue’s teleprompters.   Reversing lightweight and custom built
monitors (8”-17”)

Built-in drive card for smoother scroll

Robust hood and bracket system

Simple and flexible mounting systems for all camera, lens, and fluid head combinations

  High bright and ultra-thin LED monitors
In-board cable management

Integrated power supply and tally light

Simple and flexible mounting systems for all camera, lens, and fluid head combinations

Autocue Master Software   Autocue Master Accessories   Autocue Starter Accessories
Master Software   Master Accessories   Starter Accessories
Our revolutionary QMaster software runs on a PC/ laptop, connecting to a compact external hardware component called the QBox via Ethernet (wired or wireless), serial or USB. The QBox is an intelligent scroll engine that delivers video to the prompter monitor via BNC, VGA or SDI (additional option).   A full range of accessories including controllers, tally lights, talent feedback monitors, clocks, and cases    

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