Sony HDC-2500

Sony HDC-2500

HD Multi-Format Camera

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 Sony HDC-2500 HD Multi-Format Camera Fiber, 3G

Sony HDC-2500
Product Code: HDC2500
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Sony is pleased to introduce the HDC-2500L HD portable and studio configurable camera system. The HDC-2500L is a successor model of the current HDC camera system including HDC-1500RLD (3G model). Incredible picture performance and features are realized by incorporating newly developed 16-bit Digital-Signal-Processing (LSI) and new image-sensors. A remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 64 dB can be achieved when Noise Suppression (NS) is applied. The HDC-2500L integrates many unique features, modern design of carbon-graphite side panel, 3G signal transmissions and all available signal formats includes 1080,720 plus 2x slow-motion. In addition, all of accessories currently available for HDC series camera will be used for this camera system.
 Highlights of HDC-2500
· Newly developed 2/3-inch progressive CCD
· Newly developed LSI (16bits A/D)
· 3G transmission
· All Psf signal format operation including 1080/60p,23.98psf and 444
· 2X slow-motion
· Carbon Graphite side panel
· Compact and lightweight
· Ergonomic design
· Enhanced creative features including Multi-Matrix, Digital Extender, Skin-Tone Detail, Hyper Gamma and Adaptive Matrix

 Specifications of HDC2500
 Camera Specifications:
Built-in-Filters ND)1: CLEAR, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/16ND 4: 1/16ND, 5: 1/64ND
CC)A: CROSS, B: 3200 K, C: 4300 K,D: 6300 K, E: 8000 K

Dynamic Range 600%
Effective Picture Elements 1920 x 1080 (H x V)
Gain Selection -6,-3,0,+3,+6,+9,+12 (standard)
Lens Mount B4
Modulation Depth Y: 50% at 27.5 MHz (800 TV lines with typical lens)
Optical System F1.4 prism system
Pickup Device 3-chip 2/3-inch type CCD (IT)
Horizontal Resolution 1000tvl
S/N Ratio 60db(Typical) 64db with NS
Sensitivity F10 (1080i/59.94 mode), F11 (1080i/50 mode) (at 2000 lx, 3200 K, 89.9% reflectance)
Slow & Quick Motion Function Double -speed slowmotion
 General Specifications:
Format 1080i/50, 1080i/59.94, 720p/59.94, 720p/50,1080p/23.98, 1080p/25, 1080p/29.97,1080p/50, 1080p/59.94
Operating Temperature -20°C to +45°C (-4°F to +113°F)
Power Requirements 240 V AC, 1.4 A (max.), 180 V DC, 1.0 A (max.), 12 V DC, 7 A (max.)
Storage Temperature -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Weight 4.5 kg (9 lb 15 oz)
 Input Connectors Specifications:
Audio Input Ch1, Ch2) XLR 3-pin (x2) (female)
DC IN XLR 4-pin (x1)
Genlock/Return IN BNC (x1), 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω
Return Control 6-pin (x1)
 Input/Output Connectors Specifications:
CCU Optical / electrical multi-connector (x1)
Crane 12-pin (x1)
Intercom Intercom 1 / Intercom 2 XLR 5-pin (x2) (female)
Lens 12-pin (x1)
Prompter Prompter output / Genlock input BNC (x1), 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω
Prompter output / Return input BNC (x1), 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω
Remote 8-pin (x1)
Tracker 10-pin (x1)
 Input/Output Specifications:
Audio In (Ch1, Ch2) XLR 3-pin (x2) (female)
Audio Out Mic input XLR 3-pin (x1) (female)
DC In XLR 4-pin (x1)
DC Out mini type 4-pin (x1) (DC 10.5 V to 17V, max. 0.5 A)
2-pin (x1) (DC 10.5 V to 17V, max. 2.5 A)
Earphone Stereo mini-jack 3-pin (x1)
HD-SDI Out (Dual Link) SDI 1 BNC (x1) (3G / HD-SDI output)
SDI 2 BNC (x1) (HD-SDI input / output)
SDI monitor output BNC (x1) (HD-SDI / SD-SDI)
Memory Stick Type A 4-pin (x1)
Test Out BNC (x1), 1 Vp-p, 75 Ω
Optional Accessories:
Sony HDVFC30 Sony MSU-1500 Sony MSU-1000 Sony RCP-1000
Product Code: HDVFC30
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-C30
Product Code: MSU1500
Buy Sell Sales Sony MSU-1500
Product Code: MSU1000
Buy Sell Sales Sony MSU-1000
Product Code: RCP1000
Buy Sell Sales Sony RCP-1700
HDVF-C30 MSU-1500 MSU-1000 RCP-1000

HD Electronic Viewfinder

Master Setup Unit

Master Setup Unit

Remote Control Panel "Simple"

Sony RCP-1001 Sony RCP-1500 Sony RCP-1530 Sony HDVF-C730W/1
Product Code: RCP1001
Buy Sell Sales Sony RCP-1001
Product Code: RCP1500
Buy Sell Sales Sony RCP-1500
Product Code: RCP1530
Buy Sell Sales Sony RCP-1530
Product Code: HDVFC730W/1
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-C730W/1
RCP-1001 RCP-1500 RCP-1530 HDVFC730W/1

Remote Control Panel "Simple"

Remote Control Panel "Standard"

Remote Control Panel "Slim"

6.3" Color View finder

Sony HDVF-EL70 Sony HDVF-20A Image Not Available Sony HDFX-100
Product Code: HDVFEL70
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-EL70
Product Code: HDVF20A
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-20A
Product Code: HDVF700A
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-700A
Product Code: HDFX100
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDFX-100

7.4 inch OLED HD VF for HDLA

2-inch Type HD B/W CRT VF

HD Electronic B/W CRT Viewfinder

HD Triax Adaptor

Sony HDLA-1500B Sony HDLA-1500W Sony HDLA-1505B Sony HDLA-1505W
Product Code: HDLA1500B
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDLA-1500B
Product Code: HDLA1500W
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDLA-1500W
Product Code: HDLA1505B
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDLA-1505B
Product Code: HD-LA1505W
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDLA-1505W

Large Lens Adaptor - Black ( Shown in White)

Large Lens Adaptor - White

Large Lens Adaptor - Black (shown in white)

Large Lens Adaptor - White

Sony HDLA-1507US Sony HDVFC35W Sony HDCU-2000L Image Not Available
Product Code: HDLA1507US
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDLA-1507US
Product Code: HDVFC35W
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVFC35W
Product Code: HDCU2000L
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDCU-2000L
Product Code: BKP7911
Buy Sell Sales Sony BKP-7911

Large Viewfinder Adaptor with EFP style Lens

Multi-format HD Color LCD Viewfinder

HDC2000 Series CCU, Full Rack.

HD/SD Single-Page Script Holder Camera Peripheral

Image Not Available Sony HKCU-1001 Sony HKCU-1003 Image Not Available
Product Code: HKCT1500
Buy Sell Sales Sony HKCT-1500
Product Code: HKCU1001
Buy Sell Sales Sony HKCU-1001
Product Code: HKCU1003
Buy Sell Sales Sony HKCU-1003
Product Code: RMB750
Buy Sell Sales Sony RMB-750
HKCT1500 HKCU1001 HKCU1003 RMB-750

HD CCD Block Extension Kit

SD Analog Interface Unit

Multi-Format Interface Board

Remote Control Unit

Sony HDTX100 Sony HDVF-550 Sony HDVF-C550W Sony HDVF-EL75
Product Code: HDTX100
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDTX100
Product Code: HDVF550
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-550
Product Code: HDVFC550W
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-C550W
Product Code: HDVFEL75
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDVF-EL75

HD Triax Adaptor

HD Electronic Viewfinder

Electronic Viewfinder

7.4 inch OLED HD VF for Portable Camera

Sony RCP-1501 Sony HDCU-2500L Image Not Available Image Not Available
Product Code: RCP1501
Buy Sell Sales Sony RCP-1501
Product Code: HDCU2500L
Buy Sell Sales Sony HDCU-2500L
Product Code: HZCCSM10
Buy Sell Sales Sony HZCCSM10
Product Code: LC1500THM
Buy Sell Sales Sony HZCUG444

Remote Control Panel (Standard)

HDC2000 Series CCU, Half Rack

PC base MSU( Camera diagnosis and setup system)

CASE for HDC1500/1550/1400/ 1450/HDC1500R/1550R/1400R/1450R/ and HXC100K,HSC300K

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