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  • Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 Digital Wireless Microphone
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  • • Visit our Singapore Store to Experience this wonder of this wireless product.
    • It is just Plug and Play and hassle free, without having to tune to any
    frequency as compared to current revolution series.
    • The AVX matches perfectly to your camera's input sensitivity without
    having to adjust the audio level on the microphone.

AVX-MKE2 Set-3: Overview

Sennheiser AVX-MKE2
There is no doubt in the fact that Sennheiser has made an irrefutable mark in the audio industry. Also the owner of Neumann, these manufacturers have countlessly proven they can be relied upon where perfection is required. In their recent release, they have made it even clearer that their products are above reproach. Have you met Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 yet? Well, it is the next big thing in town. From the outlook, you will fall in love with the design, but that is not all. There is so much more to admire about this fabulous machine.

Outstanding features
While this audio system boasts of several amazing features, it is agreeable that some of them are outstanding and in a class of their own. Such include;
• Easy and quick setup
• Optimized dynamic range
• Supports direct plug-in into XLR audio input
• Enhanced metal housing

Perfect for film project
Where filming is involved, precision is necessary. This digital wireless microphone system understands this perfectly well. The system exhibits easy configuration. Ideally, you can set out filming in a couple of seconds. The ultra-compact receiver it comes with supports direct interaction with the audio input of most recording devices.

Seamless experience
What makes some audio systems unattractive is the fact that they are quite challenging setting and using. Well, Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 saves you that stress. There is not many configurations involved so you can use it without having to be an expert. Yet again, someone does not have to understand audio engineering or RF to be able to make the most out of this AVX audio system. Yet another thing you will not fail to like about this system is the form factor. Its uniqueness makes it perfectly suited for cameras.

Innovative Design
One aspect that nearly everyone gets to notice is the rotating mechanism of the receiver's XLR. It is scenic and on top of that enables easy to reposition. Ideally, someone will be forgiven for thinking that the receiver is part of the camera body. The soft notches available on the receiver keep the rotation going.

In some cases, it is true that directly plugging the receiver might not work. Under such circumstances, you can take advantage of an XLR cable to facilitate the connection. In most cases, however, you will have the receiver compatible with the other devices including audio field bags and camera.

Quality Compliant
When it comes to filming or professional audio interactions, only the best is required. Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 guarantees the unmatchable quality of digital audio transmission. The system boasts of a latency of 19 ms. For people well versed with video terms, it is appropriate to say that it is less than one frame, by far. What this promise is that both the audio and video will be in harmony.

Both the audio quality and transmission quality guaranteed by this system is top notch. That makes it a reliable companion for filming major events or audio recording sensitive interviews.

Impressive battery life
Where filming is involved, reliability is key. No one wants to have the experience of failed batteries when in the middle of a serious shooting project. AVX transmitter has a battery life of at least 10 hours with the receiver being able to last for five hours minimum after a full charge. The RF adaptive power switching capabilities of Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 makes the experience even better. The system has the unique ability to detect phantom power. It will, therefore, turn off the moment the camera is switched off.

Relentless compatibility
The Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 comes handy when used alongside several devices. It perfectly fits the input sensitivity of your camera without the need to adjust the audio level present in the microphone.

Suitable seasons and reasons
Are you worried about the audio system of an upcoming wedding? Well, your search stops at Sennheiser AVX-MKE2. This system is also ideal for filming documentaries, undertaking corporate videos and even carrying out street interviews. This AVX takes care of your audio worries, leaving you to concentrate on other essentials.

So much in store
When you purchase Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 set, there is so much in store for you. In the box, you will find the plug on receiver, body pack transmitter alongside lavalier microphone. Together with the package are all the necessary accessories you will require when operating the system with DSLR cameras and camcorders. The self-figuring digital transmission system it comes with makes the setup process a lot easier.

In the past, Sennheiser has demonstrated its ability to produce quality microphones and audio systems. In yet another release, this company has let it out to the entire world. For a price under US $1000, this system comes at a good bargain. From what it promises, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the experience where audio recording is involved. Someone can positively say it is worth spending your precious cash on.


AVXMKE2 Features
• Very fast setup
• Plugs directly into XLR audio input
• Ultra compact receiver
• Switches on/off by P48 Phantom power
• Optimized dynamic range
• Auto frequency management
• AES 256 encryption
• License free
• Accessories included for DSLR use
• Metal housing
• Made in Germany

Technical Data

Audio input 3,5 mm mini jack
Audio output XLR
Audio output level -30 dBu - 0 dBu in 4 Steps
Battery Specification Li-Ion 3,7 V DC
Dynamic range > 120 dB(A)
Frequency band 1880 - 1930 MHz (Country specific)
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20000 Hz
Modulation GFSK
Operating temperature -10 °C - + 55°C
Operating time > 4h (Receiver), typ 15 h (Transmitter with LiIon energy pack)
RF output power adaptive up to 250mW (peak) country specific
Sampling rates 24 bit / 48 kHz
Signal-to-noise ratio > 90 dB(A)
THD, total harmonic distortion typ. 0.1 %
Weight Receiver: 87 g (incl energy pack)
Latency 19 ms

What's in the box?
• Plug-on receiver
• Energy pack
• USB charger
• USB charging cable
• Bodypack transmitter
• MKE 2 lavalier microphone
• Microphone clip
• Hot shoe mount
• Beltclip
• XLR to mini jack cable
• Pouch

Sennheiser AVX-MKE2 Review
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Complete Idiot- Proof by Audio Guy

The AVX-ME2, is just plugged and play without having to tune or adjust any freqency, thanks to Sennheiser digital audio technology. Recalled those days using the UHF, I have to pair and then set the frequency that with littlie or no interference. The new AVX is just hassle free.

When can I take advantage of the Trade-in offer?
By Expandore 01/10/2016

Do it now! Sennheiser is offering this fabulous trade-in program from October 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.
It's a great way of not only saving some money for your old wireless inventory, but it allows you to grab a genuine bargain - especially useful at this time of year. Whether you're a small business needing to purchase useful items with the tight budget or a school/government organization who'd like to optimize the 'use-it-or-lose' nature of funding and budgets, end of the year is most certainly the right time to act.

The trade in price for the old microphones (of any brand) per set is based on the new Sennheiser microphones model being purchased,
- ew 100 G3 US$ 100 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- ew 300 G3 US$ 150 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- AVX US$ 150 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- ew 500 G3 US$ 200 incl. GST / All frequency ranges
- 2000 Series US$ 400 excl. GST / All frequency ranges

Full details of the Sennheiser Trade-in?
By Expandore 02/10/2016

If you've got an existing unusable wireless system that sitting in your office or home, do you chuck it in the bin?

NO! Sennheiser is offering a trade-in for your old system. It does not matter what it is. It could be an old Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Wizycom, EV (ElectroVoice), Samson, Sony, Beyer Dynamic, Lectrosonic, Line 6 or other brand you can think of. All you need to do is bring it in to Sennheiser, and trade in when you purchase a new Sennheiser system from us.

More importantly, it won't be re-sold, nor can it end up being used for evil purposes. It will be disposed off in the environmentally way!

Any other rules?
By Admin 02/10/2016


Are there any other rules?
It's quite straightforward - you can hold onto your old wireless systems, and throw them out yourself with no trade-in bonus, OR you bring in the old system and turn it into a handsome cash back on your next purchase of Sennheiser wireless system.

Individual component
By George Tan 14/10/2016


Could I trade in the individual transmitters or receivers, purchased separately or in contractor bundles instead of the whole set? I was told to send the item to Sennheiser for their assessment and I probably could be rebated at half the system rebate value.

Frequencies Choice
By James Loh 4/11/2016


If I trade in my Sennheiser wireless microphone of A-Band frequency, am I restricted to buy only same Band A frequency wireless system in order to eligible for the trade in? Do you have the stock of all Bands

System eligibility
By Tan Keng Hock 4/11/2016


Which systems are eligible? ANY Sennheiser Evolution wireless system qualifies?

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