Atomos Samurai Blade Camera-mounted Recorder, Monitor, WFM & Deck for HD-SDI Cameras w/ Case

Atomos Samurai Blade Record direct from the sensor to 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD

Product Code: ATOMSMB001

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Atomos Samurai Blade Coming with a 5" Super-Atom IPS Panel, the monitor boasts of a wonderful resolution and an exceptional color accuracy that gives the monitor an image representation just as exact to what your eyes see. It integrates an In-Plane switching technology that unbelievably adds life to images that otherwise appeared dull and lifeless in OLED.

The Atomos Samurai Blade 5-inch capacitive touchscreen allows for users to input instructions via gestures and delivers quick and timely responses for a silky smooth experience. This monitor is designed for professional purposes, and this is well addressed by some of the features it incorporates and the tools it supports. Some of these features include an in-built waveform monitor, adjustable gamma as well as high-quality adjustable contrast and brightness. It supports a 325dpi (1280x720) 1 million pixels that guarantee great resolution and color accuracy.

When on-site with your Samurai Blade, you can set-up, record or playback shots and this is possible through the use of the full-screen transparent interface. As a user, you can be able to choose colors and exposures that will match well with the shooting space or conditions, and this is possible through the use of RGB, Luma and Vector scope parades which are examples of the full waveform monitor functions.

Main Features

The Atomos Samurai Blade has been designed using aircraft aluminum which is a durable, portable material. For every removable part port, the monitor has been designed with lock mechanisms which ensure that it remains steady and reliable when being used. The Samurai Blade weighs just 380grams making it an ultimate option for studio or outdoor recording.

Power Consumption and Recording Time Around
During operation, the AtomOS Samurai Blade consumes just 6 watts of power which makes the monitor more than five times power efficient than its closest competitors. It comes with four power options to ensure a free-flowing recording experience. These include an AC mains power, the AtomOS Continuous Power (dual battery) system, a DC power adapter and the NP series batteries that are supplied with the monitor. The Samurai Blade saves you from the hassles of changing memory cards during shooting by providing you with a 1TB HDD, which can allow up to 60hrs of AVID 36 recording. For high bit-rates including Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes formats, you can record for up to 5 hours, continuously on a 500GB HDD.

AtomOS File Recovery and Audio Monitoring
When shooting, your worst nightmare could be losing recently recorded files. The good news is that with the Samurai Blade, your files are protected. This is so since AtomOS detects broken files either due to power outages and disc removals and reconstructs their frames to ensure that the files are recoverable within a short time. The Atomos Samurai Blade also locks every audio frame (including analog) to a video frame ensuring that the audio remains synced to the video and never drifts. If the audio and video are not in sync, you can rectify this by either delaying or advance audio as it comes in which is quite a smart feature.

Other Features
Affordable solutions
For reliability and cost-effectiveness, Samurai Blade allows for shoots using 2.5" disks that have better performances when compared to other options such as SSDs, SxS, and P2 as well as SD cards.

Instant Review, Play, and Edit
You can review files that you have created using your Samurai Blade using any PC that has system codec or Quick time installed. The best part is that you can instantly dock, open your cut footage and edit in a 10-bit 4:2:2 with no issues on MPEG degradation, capturing or transcoding. Atomos models offer 3rd party playback support and with your Samurai Blade, you can play any Avid DNxHD or Apple ProRes files using the AtomOS.

• Unbelievable super-bright 5" IPS 1280 x 720 touchscreen monitor
• Full waveform vector scope with zoom & RGB/luma parade
• Adjustable gamma, contrast & brightness
• Standard BNC connectors
• Real-time monitoring, playback, playout & edit logging in the field
• Focus assist, zebra & false color monitoring
• Record direct from the sensor to 10-bit, 4:2:2 ProRes or DNxHD
• S-Log/C-Log recording
• Trigger REC/STOP from camera (Canon, Sony, ARRI, Panasonic, RED, JVC)
• Timecode from camera
• Uses inexpensive 2.5" HDD/SSD media
• AC/DC/battery with patented Continuous Power

We are running a promotion for Atoms professional Monitor screen /recorder when purchased from Expandore. You will enjoy a 2 x free Color screen Calibration service for free for 2 x sessions within 2 years from date of purchase.

For those who has bought from us after 2018 Jan will enjoy the same. ( For these group of good customers , we offer 2 x Free Calibration service till 2021 10th Aug).

Atomos monitors are all high quality screens that are calibrated in the factory prior to shipment. Like all monitors however, they will exhibit color drift over time and so for that reason like other premium monitors, thus users have to calibrate the screen after purchase.

This should also be done periodically to get the accurate color. Recommended to have it done at least twice yearly

Only following product can be Calibrated by us
- Ninja / Shogun Flame
- Ninja / Samuralu Blade
- Ninija Assassin / Shogun
- Shogun Inferno
- Shogun Studio
- Sumo Series
With the exception of the Ninja2 and Ronin products

Calibrate Shogun Inferno / Flame / Studio, Ninja Flame, Blade Series and Sumo, Calibrates to REC 709 specification with D65 White Point.

Following is our Calibration procedure.
Step 1.

Secure an appointment with us and Inform us the Invoice detail, Model and its Serial number ( If you lose the above details)
Email : or Whatsapp me Steven at 96270430

Step 2
Get ready your working Atomos monitor plus its Power supply and battery.

Step 3
Make sure it is a working set before making the appointment. Lance port must not be defective or else we can not connect to the calibrator to work.

Step 4
Visit our store to have the calibration done - It take approximately 5- to 10 minute. This can be done only in our store. However the unit must be power up for approximately 30 min before calibration can be done.

Step 5
Done and Pay to us Via Paynow ( For those whom has purchased in the open market)

Step 6
Additional calibration outside the free service can be arranged at fees is SGD 50/calibration per unit.

Application Models
1. Ninja / Samuralu Blade
2.Ninija Assassin / Shogun
3.Shogun Inferno
4. Shogun Studio
5. Sumo Series

With the exception of the Ninja2 and Ronin products. Items not listed in the above, we will be unable to assist.

Note : We reserve the right not to accept set which was not purchased from us, as we shall give pripority to those Expandore loyal customers. However when the Q is clear we will then reschedule it for you. The Fees is at SGD 50/ per Session per unit.

Note : The current booking Q is from 10th Aug 2020 onwards